Sims 4: Autonomous Weddings Mod

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This mod allows for weddings to take place autonomously by using a wedding arch or to elope. Cutting the wedding cake after the wedding should happen autonomously as well. I thought it was dumb that they didn’t just go and cut the wedding cake after and that I always had to direct them to do so.

Since everyone plays differently I am asking for you to report back how it works in your game. Are they autonomously getting married? Not at all? Are your sims cutting the cake? Things like that so I can help improve this mod and make it better!

I created this mod because I like having more spontaneous things to happen in my game and to have more life and attitude with my sims. This mod also allows for more than one spouse. Use with my Autonomous Proposals to have more than one engagement!

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Do not reupload modified from my original or not and claim it as your own!
Do not post on another site with out permission.

Any other mod that changes these XML Codes will conflict! Use at your won risk


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