Sims 4: Inappropriate to Marry FIX Mod

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I happen to be playing the game here recently and came across an issue I hadn’t seen before. Not sure if it occured because of a recent patch or what. I wanted to propose to get engaged and the option was greyed out. Not because of lack of relationship but because it said something like this: Can’t propose because sim is employed and it would be inappropriate for you to continue and to remove the employement to continue. I’m not sure what the wording was exactly but I couldn’t figue it out since my sim was unemployed and did programming to earn money. So I researched it online to see what it was. I was, at the time, unable to find a fix for it and that it sounds like it is a bug from a patch. This issue isn’t just with butlers, nannys ect, I’m having problems with it with doctors and police officers.

Having any other relationships can cause this to happen as well. This may or may not remove the greyed out because of another relationship Thank you fellow whatever0623
However, In my autonomous Proposal mod, you will have the option to have a polygamous relationships.

It has been brought to my attention that MCCC has this option as well. This mod does not conflict with MCCC.

So what did I do to fix this? I removed the codes that told the game to check job situation. With this gone, a job situation of any kind shouldn’t interfer with whom you want to marry. However, for some reason I am unable to get it to work fo the wedding arch, you can still elope just fine.

This will conflict with my Autonomous Proposal’s and weddings mod. I wanted this to be seperate all together for those of you who are not interested in what my other mod offers. If you want I did make the change in those mods as well, you can find it HERE
All this mod does is fix the inappropriate to marry issue

Want to see my other mods? Click HERE

Thank You for all of your support!

Any mod that changes the same XML will conflict!
XML’s changed:


7 thoughts on “Sims 4: Inappropriate to Marry FIX Mod

  1. Hi There And I do need help, it seems that my propose interaction is not working wether it be male to male female to female, and I know it worked before but not now and I want to know how to fix this please and ty


    1. Try taking everything out of your folder and putting only that mod in to see if there is any other conflict or another mod causing the issue.


  2. Dear Polarbear: I finally fixed the Propose interaction, it was a Poly Mod that made it not work, now as for my other problem not sure if you can help with this, it has to do with the wicked Whims


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