Sims 4: Vampire Death & More! Mod

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Help with my mods or sims 4 in general–>Discord

A string in the mod has been changed for when a vampire changes a sim into a vampire to make it fit with the requested animation. Want to help with adding in languages with the modified strings? Leave a comment with the English version and the translation along with what language it is. The translation and credit for the language will be a first come first serve, I apologize in advanced if your translation is not listed.
Modified String: {1.SimName} can feel the stinging venom coursing through their veins.
Custom String: Elder’s memory is deteriorating. There’s nothing left to drain.

This mod will bring a variety of death ~ if you choose ~ to your game. This will bring attitude and personality to your vampires. There is a variety of flavors so please read them CAREFULLY!

Things you will find in this mod: <–Will also include any new items I’m currently working on for the next update.

  • NEW Optional Vampire Pregnancy
  • NEW Ask for Permission to Drink
  • Pregnancy Chance
  • Relationships will help determine autonomy
  • Conversations will help determine autonomy
  • Sims WILL die if they are off of a lot
  • Drain Life Spirit will age up sims!
  • Pregnant sims can now die during Vampire Creation
  • Changing into vampire could lead to DEATH!
  • Force to turn with custom animations
  • Option to have no Death Deep Drink but have Death in other drinks
  • Vampires gain energy from drinking
  • Turn Pregnant Sims
  • Unlimited Turning of Sims & Pregnant~No Restrictions
  • Unlimited Drinking of Sims & Pregnant~No Restrictions
  • Sims lose fun when drank
  • Draining Life Spirt Chance of Death
  • Unlimited Draining Life Spirit Sims & Pregnant~No Restrictions
  • Sims could starve to death when drank
  • Sims Autonomously asking to be turned~based on traits and moods
  • Sim death by deep drink
  • Sim death chance by casual drink
  • Autonomy
  • Drink from pregnant sims
  • Unlimited drinking
  • Unlimited biting
  • Fun increases to certain interactions
  • Pregnant Sims could age or die
  • Vampires determine their interactions based on traits and moods
  • Choose to have Vampires Autonomous or Non Autonomous
  • Choose to have death from vampires or no death
  • More possibilities coming in the future!

I plan on adding more features in the future “If I get them figured out ” but here are the ones currently ready for download!

What happened to Flavor 3!!!!!
Flavor 3 has been removed as it is no longer needed. I have made some big changes with my Pregnant Aging and Death mod to decrease the amount of time it takes to update and check for each game update. This also meant this mod here could be shrunk down. Having 2 flavors basically doing the same things wasn’t something I was a fond of. Now that I have made it so all you have to do is download 1 file from either this mod or my Pregnant Aging and Death mod Flavor 3 was no longer needed.

About this mod:

Vampire Pack is REQUIRED. This will not give you vampires if you do not have them.
If you want to add more life and spirit to your sims lives try my Personality_Please mod found HERE
If you would like more ways for your pregnant sim to achieve death I have uploaded a mod that will not conflict and take away your pregnant sims immortality!–>Pregnant Aging & Death
I used these with MCCC and seem to be compatible with each other.
these WILL conflict with any other mod that changes the listed XML’s. :
I based the moods on the fact that vampires are considered not having a soul and are evil, for the most part. So certain interactions in the flavors are set based on the severity of the interaction. Since Deep drink will cause death in certain flavors those vampires with any negative mood will have a larger chance of performing that interaction. Since a vamp like to eat I made it so a casual drink is more performed by a happy vampire. That way they aren’t causing death. Drinking uncontrollably could cause death depending on your flavor you choose, that one I increased the chances of them doing so if they are uncomfortable. All the other moods I gave them a negative value. Whether or not a vampire turns a sim forcibly also has moods factoring in. If the vampire is happy they will prefer to ask to turn but if they are mad and angry than they will probably force your sim to be turned.
Interactions now use the vampire’s mood and their traits, currently relatioinship with the sim, along wtih the conversation setting to help determine if a vampire drinks from a sim. Since the townie sims go to “sim space” as I call it each time they leave the area and sometimes come back, they do get replenished needs most of the time. If you want to see more of the vampires acting autonomously you will need to have them on a lot for either a party or invited over or somehow keep them there for a period of time to allow their thirst to drain.

More info on how each interaction works:

Small Drink, Deep Drink, Drink Uncontrollably, Nigh Time nightly visit, Ask for Permission to Drink and Drain Life Spirit:

Certain traits I set to hopefully never try to drink from a sim, ever. Only 2 traits are set that way; Good and Vegetarian. Those sim will try their hardest not to drink any from the sims. If you have the flavor that kills they will try even harder not to deep drink for fear of killing a sim. They will try hard not to drink uncontrollably as well but the thirst may be to much. A squeamish sim thinks blood…..ooops sorry plasma, lol, is nasty and gross so they have a small chance of not drinking from a sim but not low enough for it not to happen, so they may still drink. Most traits are a neutral setting however, evil, hot headed and mean sims will have a fairly higher increase in doing these interactions. The traits are set different based on which of these 3 interactions are chosen. Drink Uncontrollably is now set up to hopefully the vampire will choose a sim they hate before a sim they care about. If there isn’t any things like relationship levels will help choose and if they are having a bad conversation with a sim will also help them choose who to drink uncontrollably with. I didn’t add conversations to night time nightly visits because that is usually done when a sim is sleeping. However, I’m hoping may a vampire will try to choose this interaction with sims they dislike or hate instead of with a sim they care about. I’m not sure if this will work since they game just sends vampires at random. [B]NEW Ask for Permission to Drink is set up the same way as the small drink. This one is in TESTING so if there seems to be something wrong please let me know.

Offering and forcing to turn into a vampire:

Also, certain traits are set to not do these interactions. Good and Vegetarian are highly unlikely to force a sim to turn, however, a good sim will prefer to ask the sim first. Since thats the more polite thing to do! Evil and mean sims are going to prefer to force sims into vampirism instead of asking. Family oriented sims will want to add to their vampire family. NEW! A vampire who is really upset because of how their life is going, or a sim made them mad during a conversation is more likely to force the sim into vampirism since destroying that sims soul is rather cruel. They will also prefer to force their enemies and any other sim they have a bad relationship with. They will be more willing to offer vampirism to a sim if they have a good relationship with them, they aren’t upset and that sim isn’t making them mad in a conversation.

There are a lot more small changes in other traits but I’m not going to explain all of them since they do vary from interaction to interaction along with the flavors are different as well. I just went over the main traits that will affect your vampires! All these changes in the vampires I plan on adding to, improving and changing along the way. I want the vampires to have attitude and a personality of their own as well. Please let me know how this is going in your game so we can improve these interactions!

Pregnancy Chance:~A Special Thank YOU! to Scumbumbo for helping me and experimenting with this feature along with telling me more on how the pregnancy codes work in the game!

I have added a chance to pregnancy to the female sims on certain vampire interactions. At this time I have not been able to get it to work properly on any of the death interactions so the interactions are slightly different from Vampire Flavor 1 and Vampire Flavors 2.. In Vampirism is Fun! along with the non autonomous version there is a chance of pregnancy on the small drink and night time visit. In the rest of the flavors only small drink has a pregnancy chance. This chance is not a large percentage. It could take several times before a pregnancy happens or it could take the first time.

Addons<– Important info about the new Pregnant Death file concerning compatibility with Pregnant Aging and Death Plus Children&Toddlers Mod Please read

NEW No Vampire Pregnancy

Make sure you have updated your vampire flavor to include the test codes for this option.

I have created a custom test the mod will not test for to determine if a pregnancy can occur. If you add this Add-On to your game, your sims Will Not get pregnant by a vampire bite.

Since this is a custom test it should NOT CONFLICT with any other mod.

If you impregnate a family member and then click on MCCommand Center–>Pregnancy there will be a Script Error that will occur. It doesn’t affect how the interaction works and I think it has always been there even before this test, I just never tested a family member for pregnancy till now. I don’t know what it is since I can not find where it logs it to check. I believe it is caused because the pregnancy would be considered incest and the settings I have mine set at doesn’t allow incest. HOW TO PREVENT IT: If you think you impregnated a family member, just don’t click on the pregnancy tab in MCCC and no error will occur.

Works fine with a Non-Family Member or Romantic Relationship

NEW Pregnant Death ~ Please read for important info concerning my Pregnant Aging and Death Plus Children&Toddlers Mod

If you use my Pregnant Aging & Death Plus Children&Toddlers Mod This is the SAME file as the Death Only file, so you won’t need to download this. If you use the Death & Aging file you won’t need to download this.
If you do not you WILL need this for any of the pregnant deaths to occur.

This will allow Flavor 2 to kill your pregnant sims along with any Add-On that kills pregnant sims.

This will not kill your pregnant sims by it’s self, this is NOT a stand alone mod.

Vampire Autonomously Turn Sims ~ Please read for known conflicts

This used to be with the main mod however, a recent conflict with Child Vampire Manifestation has been brought to my attention so separating this into its own file is best instead of creating 6 more new flavors.

About this Add-On:
This Add-On is Autonomous. I will not be making a non autonomous flavor because it wouldn’t make sense. If you don’t want it autonomous than don’t put this in your game.
This includes interactions that will allow vampires to force sims to be vampires, Only Insane Sims will ask to be turned and vampires could autonomously ask your sim to be turned. These interactions are based on moods, relationship status, conversation settings and traits to help get it to happen more appropriately.

No Death Vampire Deep Drink ~ Crucial install instructions Please read:

I was requested if I could make it so death stayed in flavors 2 and 3 but remove it from Deep Drink. So I came up with this:

What does this do?
Removes the death from the Deep Drink for flavors 2, 3 and 2 Non Autonomous and 3 Non Autonomous.

This MUST go in the same folder as the Vampire Flavors that have Death!
You can put them in a sub folder if you choose but they MUST BE TOGETHER. or this Add-On will NOT WORK. See picture below:

Vampire Creation PREGNANT Possible Death

REQUIRED: Pregnant Death Add-On<–Read above spoiler for info on compatibility with Pregnant Aging and Death Plus Children&Toddlers Mod
This is the same as Vampire Creation Possible Death below except this one will allow pregnant sims to die during creation.

WILL CONFLICT with Vampire Creation Possible Death. Only use one.

Vampire Creation Possible Death

I had a request about making it so when a sim is in the process of changing into a vampire I could make it where there was a chance of death.
I didn’t figure this would be something everyone would want so I put it in separate as an Add-On
This Add-On has been put into Flavors: Low, Medium, High, Extreme

What this Add-On will do:
This is going to make the process of changing a sim into a vampire possibly cause death. The higher flavor you choose the greater the chances and harder to prevent.

What’s the reasoning for what happens to the sim during the process?
The way I see it, changing into the vampire means the body is going to start to die. Organs start to deteriorate and stop working. So as the change over progresses, the sim will start to lose their ability to hold their bladder and will feel the need to go more often, food will no longer keep the sim full and they will get hungry quicker, the process is hard on the body so they will tire out faster. None of this is fun so they will lose their fun motive and get more uncomfortable and stressed.

How difficult is the flavors to keep your sim alive?
Low is pretty easy, its not a lot different than Vanilla except now you will have more motives that you will need to watch.
I tested Extreme, it is possible to keep your sim alive, however, DON’T leave them unattended! I suggest cooking your meals before the first phase is complete, make sure you have a high quality bed and be careful what order you choose to do things.

Will these flavors get adjusted?
Possibly. I have tested these however, they may need adjusting. I didn’t want to get to extreme and make it where your can’t save your sim but if its to easy then they can be adjusted.

Will this effect NPC’s?
Yes, it should so you may find sims dying before they are changed over.

XML’s Used:

Vampire Drink Unlimited 3 Flavors

There are THREE flavors of this Add-On. Only use one, they Will Conflict

Vampire Drink Unlimited Please read for known conflicts

If this add on is added to your game vampires can drink unlimited drinks from other sims. Meaning, if they have the “recently” bitten buff it won’t matter, a vampire can still drink. Does NOT include pregnant sims.
*WARNING* Sim Safety
If you include this add-on with any vampire flavor of mine that causes death, this will change the casual drink to possible death.

Night Time Visits and Drink Uncontrollably
This does not allow for unlimited drinks from Pregnant sims.
This does not allow for Vampires to drink from Pregnant sims.
You need to use the Vampires Drink Pregnant Sims Add-On if you want this for Pregnant sims<–Please see spoiler for details

Vampirism Drink Pregnant Sims is Fun!

This add on will allow your vampire to drink from any pregnant and nonpregnant sim.
You can use this alone or with any of the vampire flavors listed below!
Autonomous will be based on what vampire add on’s you use.
**WARNING** Sim Safety
If you add this to a vampire flavor that allows death, your pregnant sim will die from Deep Drink
Night Time Visits and Drink Uncontrollably

Vampire DrinkPregnantSims Unlimited

This still adds fun for your vampire.
This will allow your vamp to do unlimited drinks from pregnant and nonpregnant sims.
**WARNING** Sim Safety
If you add this to a vampire flavor that allows death, your sim will have a death chance with Casual Drink and Death to Deep Drink
Night Time Visits and Drink Uncontrollably

XML’s Used:

Vampires Can TurnPlease read for known conflicts

To save on space on the download page I combined this one into one folder. Only use ONE FLAVOR. They WILL conflict with each other.
Vampires Can Turn Pregnant Sims
This one will allow your vampire to turn a pregnant sim
Vampires Can Turn Pregnant Sims Unlimited
Will allow your vampire to turn a pregnant sim with NO restrictions.
Vampires Can Turn Unlimited
Will allow your vampire to turn with NO Restrictions~DOES NOT include pregnant sims.

XML Used:

Only choose 1 Vampirism is Fun! Flavors <–Read each flavor carefully, they will conflict with each other!

Vampirism is Fun!

All of these interactions are now Autonomous
Will not conflict with my Pregnant aging and death mod

Small Drink
Drink Deeply <–Conflicts with Vampires Mega Mod Flavor 2–>They use the same file
Drink Uncontrollably
Deep Drink Night Time Visit
Drain Life Spirit
NEW Ask for Permission to Drink

XML’s Used:

Vampirism is Fun! Flavor 1 Non Autonomous

This does the same as as Vampirism is Fun! Flavor 1 Except it is not autonomous

XML’s Used:
Same as Vampirism is Fun! Flavor 1

Vampirism is Fun! Flavor 2

All of these interactions are now Autonomous
I added death to Drink Deeply. I just felt that if a vampire is drinking that much plasma, then the sim should die. I have tested that part of the mod over 20 times.

Here are my results on Drink Deeply w/Death:

Any sim in my household would die if I used this interaction
Any sim not in my household but was on my lot would die if I used this interaction
Any sim I visited on their lot would die if I used this interaction
Sims will now die if off of the lot.

Small Drink<–Used with any mod including my add-on that allows for unlimited drinks this could lead to death.
Drink Deeply<–Be careful this could lead to death!–>Conflicts with Vampires Mega Mod Flavor 2<–They use the same file.
Pregnant sims will die if you use the Vampirism Drink from Pregnant Sims is Fun! Add on.
Drink Uncontrollably<–Will now kill the sim!
Deep Drink Night Time Visit
Drain Life Spirit<–Be careful, this could cause death

XML’s Used:

Vampriism is Fun! Flavor 2 Non Autonomous

Same as Vampirism is Fun! 2 Except it is set to non autonomous

Same as Vamprirism is Fun! 2

I did my best to explain the new changes concerning this mod, however, if you need help please ask me in the forum or follow the link in my signature.


Thank you for all of your support!




4 thoughts on “Sims 4: Vampire Death & More! Mod

  1. This sounds incredible, but I do have a question related to autonomous turning for evil/mean/hot-headed vampires. I could imagine a hot-headed vampire to change another Sim on a whim, I could also imagine it with a mean Sim if the other Sim somehow insulted or looked down on vampires. And I could imagine it with evil Sims for vampire legacies or armies, but I think it would make more sense for evil Sims to turn the Sims they actually get along with. Vampirism will mean those Sims will be pretty much immortal if they survive the changing and that means you may be stuck with them. Do evil vampires prefer deep drinking from disliked Sims over turning them to reflect something like this?


    1. It’s mostly based off of the traits of the vampire. The relationship status is part of it but not as much. Mean and Evil vampires are set for higher chances.


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