Socialization is FUN! Mod

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These used to be with my vampire mod but as the vampire mod got larger and changed into more than just having fun it just didn’t seem like these fit with that anymore since they really didn’t haven’t anything to do with it.

If you would like my Vampire Death & More Mod you can find it HERE

I created this mod because it really bothered me how the sims don’t seem to find it fun to socialize with other sims including dates. So I decided to take a few interactions from each of the catagories and let them get some fun gain in their needs bar. So now if you use some of the interactions in these flavors you will get some fun in Friendly, Romance, Babies, Computers, and Phones. I have them broken up into Flavors that way you can pick and choose. These can be mixed and matched with no conflicts.

There is also an Add-On called Fun Motive Gain Increase that will give even more fun to your sims!

See each Spoiler for details:

Phones are Fun!
There was a request to add having fun when a sim is on the phone chatting. I have also added a few more interactions including a mischief interaction.
They were coded different and I had to write the codes in. All interactions except Phone Prank do not use the Fun From Funny Social so the Motives Increase Addon will NOT affect those interactions.
There were more than one way to phone chat or text. At this time I have only changed one of the ways to increase the fun. For both Chat and Text you will need to choose from the relationship panel and then click the sim you want to Chat or text with to recieve the increase. Choosing from the phone will not get you the increase.

Phone Browse Websites
Phone Chat
Phone Text
Phone Prank Call

XML’s Use:

Computers Are Fun!
This was a request to add some fun to computer chatting. I decided to include a few more interactions. Some are for mischief.
These were coded differently and I had to write the codes in. These interactions do not use Fun From Funny Social so the Motive Increase Add on will NOT affect these interactions.

Computer Chat with Sim
Computer Browse Art
Computer Troll Forum
Computer Scour for Memes
Computer Browse Web
Computer Chat

XML’s Used:

Friendly Socialization is Fun!
Brighten Day
Flatter<–Now compatible with my Personality_Please! Mod
Hug<–Now compatible with my Personality_Please! Mod
Share Photo
Take Picture Together

XML’s Used:

Romance is Fun!
Interactions: All Autonomous

Kiss Neck<–Now available for YA and A.
Tickle Mercilessly

XML’s Used:

Babies are Fun!
Let’s have fun with our babies!

Make Face
Show Off
Bottle Feed
Breast Feed

XML’s Used:

All in One
All interactions listed above will be in this one except for Fun Motive Gain Increase.

Fun Motive Gain Increase 15
This one if added will increase the amount of fun the interactions listed above will get along with any other in-game interaction that uses this file.

XML Used:

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