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Sims 4: Cats and Dogs Update!

I’m not much for blogging but here goes!  I wanted to write about the upcoming patch for Cats and Dogs.  I myself is really looking forward to it!  I have new features for several of my mods done and ready to be release.  I’m waiting to release them till after I have installed the Cats and Dogs pack that I preordered.  I figured I would release them after that, so all of you don’t have to download the mod more than once so close to each other.

Some of the Features getting added:<–In no particular order

Personality Please Mod:

  • Teen and Adult romance
  • Teen and Adult Woohoo/mess around
  • Teen and Adult Risky woohoo/mess around
  • Pregnancy Test option for risky woohoo

Autonomous Proposals Mod:

  • All custom proposal animations have been fixed.  NO MORE GIDDY!
  • Teen and Adult Proposals<–This does NOT allow for marriages.
  • Fixed the No Romance Proposal Flavor<–No longer will a couple interactions have romance restrictions.

Vampire Death & More! Mod:


  • Vampires will gain energy from drinking<–Figured if they are consuming plasma they shouldn’t still feel so tired but more rejuvenated.
  • Draining Life Spirit has a chance of death<–Basically what this will do is it will drain the sims hunger severely.  Depending on where the sims hunger is this could cause death!
  • Sims getting bit may loose energy or fun<–Sims will now loose some fun and energy motive.
  • Sims may starve to death from being bit
  • Sims could autonomously ask your vampire to turn them<–This was requested for sims to autonomously ask to be turned.
  • Unlimited Drain Life Spirit<–Allows for vampires to drain as much as they like! WARNING: High death chance possible

Pregnant Aging and Death Mod:

As of right now there isn’t any changes just considerations.  In my let’s play I’m a lover challenge, one of the generations needs a child to die.  I had a mod that allowed for children to die but it conflicts with this mod causing Exception Errors.  So I’m considering looking into my mod and seeing if I can do the same.  At least create a flavor for it.  DISCLAIMER: I don’t copy other modders work.  I will spend lots of time, lots of testing to create what I am looking for.  Sometimes what I come up with is completely different or I add to it to make it more different.  I like possible deaths in various ways so odds are I may add more ways for children to die then just the normal basic ones like hunger.

If you have any questions or requests you are welcome to post here or on any of my sites that I am active at.  I will always do my best to get to your request.  I’m not a professional modder, I don’t script and never went to school for it.  I do a lot of trial and error and sometimes I accidently find what I’m trying to create and then learn more things from that.

Thank you all for your support!

It means the world to me to be able to create things and share it with others along with getting to know all of you!



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