Sims 4: NO! Think About Family Member Mod

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At first I didn’t even notice this was a thing in the game. Never played more than one generation. Well I’m now on my 3rd generation of the family tree and let me tell you! All my sims in the household do nothing but think about past family memebers and family members who have moved out! At first I thought “Aww, how sweet!” Then I thought “GRRR! is this all they are going to do?” So thats when I decided it needed to hit the street and leave. So to speak lol

What does this mod do?
This will stop your sim from autonomously thinking about family members.

Why did you make this mod?
Because my sims were constantly thinking about family members while they ate, read a book, wrote a book, pretty much everything they did. And it made them take longer than normal!

I believe this came with Parenthood. If you do not have Parenthood then you will not have this in your game. If you do not have Parenthood this will NOT add it to your game.

Any mod that modifies the same XML will conflict:

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