Sims 4: Shower Bladder Reliever UPDATED! Mod

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I had a request to update SpecOpBookie’s mod Shower Bladder Reliever. You can find the original mod HERE
The original poster of this mod had not responded back to any of the comments about the original being outdated or broke since 1/19/15. The original poster also hasn’t been logged into MTS in a very long time. So I went ahead and took a look at the mod to see if it was outdated and how much needed to be fixed. Most of the mod was outdated. Every file used was more than 50% outdated and needed the codes updated and added in. I can see why some people had issues while others did not. I have gone through all the files from the original mod and updated them. If the original poster contacts me and asks me to take the mod down then I will. Of course…..I also had to add my own twist to the mod as well so there are 2 extra flavors that I added based on my preference of this kind of mod.

FLAVORS:<–Only choose 1 flavor, they WILL CONFLICT with each other.

ORIGINAL Shower Bladder Reliever Always–> Sims will ALWAYS relieve their bladders regardless of motive levels or traits.

Shower Bladder Reliever Trait Only–> Only sims with certain traits will relieve their bladder in the shower based on the bladder motive levels.

Shower Bladder Reliever Always Traits Only–> Only sims with certain traits will always relieve their bladder in the shower regardless of bladder motive levels.

These are the traits that determine which sims will relieve their bladders in the shower depending on the flavor above that you choose.
Shameless<–Saw this but wasn’t sure what it was lol but thought if a sim happen to have it then they sounded like a sim to do this in the shower
If there are any traits you think should be added let me know along with your reasoning on them being added. If I agree with you then there is a chance they will be added.

Current known conflicts:
Faster Showers and Baths
Auto Mood Showers

This mod will also conflict with any other mod that changes the same XML files

XML’s Used:

Do not re-upload this and claim it as your own.

Thank you for all of your support!





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