Autonomous First Kiss! Mod

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This interaction used to be with my Autonomous Proposals however, when I was going through updating for the Cats and Dogs patch, I realized this isn’t even a proposal to start with and that it should be here instead!

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I say this is a work in progress because the first few that I had I either didn’t see this happen at all or it happened extremely fast and I almost missed it! So this is where you come in! Let me know how this is going in your game. The interaction will be based on the sims mood, relationship with the other sim, their traits and the conversation they are currently having. Certain sims I don’t expect to do this interaction like for instance a Loner or one with Commitment issues. This isn’t an interaction you should see if the sims have a bad relationship or the conversation goes sour. I didn’t put any requirements on the interaction at this time, the outcomes are vanilla game settings. However, if need be, some requirementst or restrictions can be applyied if cheating sims are happening way to often.

This will not conflict with my other autonomy mods.

This WILL CONFLICT with any other mod that changes this xml code.
XML Used:


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