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Sims 4: 11/07/17 Patch Venting

OH my gosh! I just wanted to vent.  This patch, I’m sorry, has been horrible.  The crap I saw them change in the codes, the things that got moved around, or deleted, or added was just a major pain in the rear!  Some was pointless, some made sense, some I just didn’t get.  But for it to break simple interactions like a sim chatting was completely dumb!  GRRR lol  It has causes modders who were “retired” to come out of retirement to update their mods.  How crazy is that!  Its destroyed scripted mods, messed tuning mods all to heck, broke probably every CC out there and who knows what else it screwed up.  I’ve seen patches before but nothing like this.  Most of it wasn’t even because of the preporation for Cats and Dogs but because of other “FIXES” they did in the patch instead.  Changing the way Culling was done screwed so much up it wasn’t even funny.  Let’s go ahead and break a shower because we want the pets to get a fear of it and because we no longer want it set for humans.  Seriously?  for a shower?  I feel bad for all that CC of showers because I’m certain those are all broke, not to mention the bath tubs.  My vampires couldn’t even bite a sim! How nuts is that.  It just completely broke the interactions, the sims did nothing,  Interactions got canceled and the sims just stood around.  Why should sims kiss?  Let’s go ahead and completly rework that interaction that way we can just screw with modders everywhere.  I’m not even looking forward to updating my Personality Please mod.  I almost don’t even want to bother with it.  But I can’t live with out it in my game so I will just suck it up and deal with the hours possibly days of updating it.  I’m going to start off with it on seperating it out a little.  Some of the add-on’s really don’t need to be with it can be put out there alone and really have nothing to do with it.  That will help anyway on getting the description easier to read.

One thing I need to say though to all of you!  THANK YOU! for being so patient while I get these mods updated.  You have no idea how much it means to me to know that you are with me and that you will wait however long it takes to get them updated.  To hear how much joy my mods bring to your game gives me happiness.  That is why I create mods and share them, for all of you and for all of your wonderful comments, the stories you tell me that you get in your game because of them.  THANK YOU!  I can’t tell you that enough THANK YOU!


2 thoughts on “Sims 4: 11/07/17 Patch Venting

  1. OMG seriously? This is redicules, why would they change so much. I have most of my CC in game though, so far did not encounter errors with it. Probably because I only have hair, cloth and makeup? No idea… But yeah must have been one major hell of a update 😦 So sorry you have to go through this ! Best, Tanja


    1. I wish I knew why that way I could understand the purpose of some of it. I know it doesn’t make a difference on where things like traits and moods are exactly in a code but what was the purpose of moving it all around on all the interactions. Plus they are at different indents so just coping what you had still gives this huge color of difference which for me is irritating to look at lol. Leaving the stuff in the its original position still works because I didn’t move them for some of my interactions since they were custom but on the interactions like flirt and hug it moves at the code all around so when you check for changes its all screwed up looking and to help make it easier to find the difference you about have to move all of those as well. Just one of the irritants that they did that doesn’t effect the code at all so what was the point? I have no idea. I didn’t figure it would be but my vampire mod was the easiest to update yet I figured it was going to be one of the longest. My proposal mod took longer than that one to update.


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