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New Cats & Dogs Let’s Play!

So I was finally able to sit down and play some of the new pack.  I started a new Let’s Play over on my Youtube Channel for the Cats and Dogs.  I’m going to see how far I can go or fail in the Vet career.  Wish me Luck!

Want to watch the series?–>Sims 4: Let’s Play~Pets!

Let's Play Pets Thumbnail.jpg

So on day one, not even a full day, I didn’t get very far lol  Mostly trying to figure out how to work the new items.  Was able to buy my first Vet office.  I, being the noob that I am, didn’t know I had to actualy buy it lol  Had to use some cheats to buy it but I am not the proud owner of a vet office!

11-10-17_11-00-54 PM.png

My sim now owns a puppy and a kitten.  Of course I didn’t start out with those lol. Took a puppy and turned it into a poodle then took a raccoon and turned it into an Angora cat.  Took me 2 times to finally get the cat adopted though.  Took all of my money.  Gonna have to sell stuff from the house to buy things for our new additions to the family!


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