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Sims 4: All the mods I use in my games


Here you will find all of the mods I use in my game.  Not all of these are mods I created, I do not take any responsibility for your game if something happens when you put in any mod listed here.

~NEW~Can I Come Over

~NEW~No Pregnant Walk Style


No More Creepy Play Date Calls

Always Keep a Doctor at the Hospital

Unlisted Phone Numbers

Cleaning Frenzy for All

Acting Career Gig Fix

Motives Energy VS Tiredness Reworked

Always Autonomous Sleep in Bed

No! Sleep after Woohoo!

Faster Vet Crafting Station

No Roomates Carry Food Back Home

Lower Relationship Gain when Nanny Arrives

Simulation Unclogger

Less Intrusive Conversations

SimCity Loans

Doctor Career Re-imagined Part 1

No Autonomous Mourn


Laundry Overhaul<–I use the Auto dry and wash clothes

More Visitors

Force to Leave

Playable Pets<–I only use it to make sure no glitches with my pets buffs happen resulting in deaths

Teleport Any Sim<–Recommended for the Pose Player

Pose Player

Breastfeed Toddlers

Simulation Lag Fix

Parenting Skill for Teens and More

SimDa Dating App

Risky Woohoo/Try for Baby Chances

Teen/Adult Romance/Mess Around

Retail Hire Who Ever

Breeding Unlimited

Instant Morning Sickness

NO! Cry it Out

Moody Laundry

Restaurant Hire Who Ever

Vet Hire Who Ever

Birthday Anytime

Lower Threshold for Parenthood Traits

Don’t Wash Dishes Where You Angry Poop!

Sims on Generic Lots

Praise Vet Employee All You Want!

Faster Eating & Drinking

No Autonomous Check Toddler

UI Cheats Extension<–No longer updated on MTS, get free updates on his patreon

No Restaurant Bill When Invited

Autonomous Repairs

Visit Friends, Family & More

Miscarriage Chance & Abortion

Ultrasound Scan

NO! Change Into Bear

NO! Think About Family Member

Socialization is FUN!<–I use all of them

Ghosts Can Have Babies!

Autonomous First Kiss

Global Gender Preference

NO! Ask for Advice~Parenthood

Personality Please! <–I also use the Toddler and Pet Add-Ons

Autonomous Weddings

Send Sims to Bed

Open Door For Chosen Sim

Choose Who You Call to Meal

Faster Showers & Baths

Autonomous Proposals & Breakups!

Pregnant Aging & Death <—-I use the one that has both and for children

Vampire Death & More! <—-I use vampirism is FUN! Flavor 1

Labor Puddles <–I use the one for only 1 puddle and for cats and dogs

No Free Snacks<–I have mine modified in my game so if you download this it will not be the same amounts.

Height Slider and Shorter Teens <—-I have both height slider and shorter teens.

More Deadly/Intense Fires

Baby with Hidden Crib <—You will need to download cribs to put your baby in. 🙂
MC Command Center   ~ADDED~ <—-Settings Profiler

Try for Baby in Larger Households

Quadruplets, Quintuplets, Sextuplets<–Not sure if this works after Cats & Dogs Patch

DISCLAIMER: Not all of these mods are mine, other modders mods I do not take credit for, these are just links to their download page.  All questions on other modders mods need to be addressed to them on their pages.




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