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Sims 4: My opinion on the new Vet Career

I really wasn’t sure what to expect prior to the Cats and Dogs pack coming on out 11/10/17.  I had heard that the vet career was going to be like running a restaurant.  However, running a restaurant really didn’t sound very interesting to me.  Seemed like to much time managment and to much controlling everything that goes on.  Then I saw a little bit of it in videos and then I thought, well this is going to be more like the doctor career.  Then I thought, hmm maybe I don’t want to try it because I sort of sucked at the doctor career lol.  I didn’t even make it to the top of the career and I even had my sim playing till she was an elder.  I think I might of made it to level 7 by the time I was done.

However, now that I have played the career a little bit for my youtube let’s play pets series I am actually having some fun with it.  I have got to see how the new dogs and cats interact, some of the new personalities with the dogs and cats along with some of the new features.

Now I played for a little bit tonight, just a personal game.  Just to get more of a feel of how the vet career was going to be like.  It didn’t take long before my vet had 3 stars and I was hiring a second vet!  At first I thought, that 2nd vet isn’t going to do anything! He was just standing there for the longest time then he went and played with the patients animals.  I was about ready to give him the boot when all of a sudden he took a patient back to the room.  I was like ok, this will be ok.  Just give him some training and we will see how this goes.  Now I had my vet close around 3pm.  Probably did around 800 simoleons in profits and had about 5-6 patients in all.  Of course my 2nd vet only did 2 of those patients but other than that it was a really good day.  It doesn’t look like its going to be much longer and I’m going to have to add on to the vet and get another exam room and a 3rd vet in there.

I would of liked it better if I could hire sims my sim knew.  Instead, I had to hire all these sims that I didn’t even know and didn’t know anything about them.

Other than that I am actually enjoying the new career.  I usually just have my sim write to make money but I’m having more fun with this career than any other career so far!

I give the career 4 stars out of 5 for my overall experience so far with it and how enjoyable I am currently feeling about the vet experience!

Let me know in the comments, What is your opinion so far in the new Sims 4: Cats and Dogs Vet Career?


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