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Sims 4 Vet Career Level 9 Vet

So I’ve been playing quite a bit of this vet career the past couple of days.  I now kind of have a new opinion on it.  I still think its one of the best interactive careers in the Sims 4 so far.  However, they still haven’t fixed the issue where the employees just stand around and do nothing.  I can’t get past 3.5 stars because my employees do nothing.  My sim can’t keep up with the amount of customers that come in to the office. I now have an office that has for exam rooms and a surgery room.  I also have 3 extra vets.  I praise these employees, I pay for their training and give them promotions.  They are satisfied and some are very satisfied with their jobs however, they will come to work and go to a couch and sleep, or they will just clean or they will just play with the pets instead of taking them to the examination rooms.  Then my sim has to try to figure out what pets to do first because heck! I can’t remember who came in first and who came in last!  My customers stars start to turn orange because I grabbed the wrong patient, then I’m distracted and my patient gets stressed and I don’t realize it and then I get a review when I close the vet that my pets were not calm.  It also tells me to lower my prices or raise the quality of my products.  I have my products as high as I can take them.  I have the profit at 100% which used to be ok back when I first started the career but apparently the farther you get the less you are a loud to make?  Seems a little odd, usually the busier the place gets the high the prices go!  lol  Other than the issue of my employees doing nothing, this is actually still a great career.  I’m happy with it.

Now all I want to do is create new Vet lots now that I know how the career works.  It has caused some great building inspiration!


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