Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 3

Sims 4: Brenton & Ellie Pancake’s Family Photos

So a little update on Brenton and Ellie Pancake since their wedding.  They got married as young adults.  Ellie met Brenton at the gym.  She actually went there not expecting to meet anyone.  They got married really quickly, only dated for a few days.

Brenton and Ellie are both now Adults and will be Elders in a couple of weeks.   Ellie is now level 6 and a food critic.  She’s also learning gormet meals.  She has written several novels. Brenton is a level 7 Astronaut and he can’t wait till the day he gets to go to space for real!

They have not been lucky to have any children of their own.   Ellie isn’t sure if the problem is with her or Brenton and frankly, neither of them care to find out.  They love each other deeply no matter if there are any children or not.

They decided since they don’t have babies to take tons of pictures of why not fill up their walls with pictures illustrating how much love they have for each other!

Here are the photos that have been taken.  All of them turned out great!

11-28-17_1-34-48 PM11-28-17_1-36-04 PM11-28-17_1-37-46 PM

Of course had to take a few pictures of them by themselves.

11-28-17_1-39-53 PM11-28-17_1-41-02 PM11-28-17_1-43-23 PM11-28-17_1-44-16 PM

These two are my favorites.  Isn’t Ellie gorgeous!!  She’s so photogenic!  Must get that from her mother Noel Chavez (Rocca)

11-28-17_1-45-40 PM11-28-17_1-45-01 PM

Those are currently the photos most recent from the pancake family.  I will continue to update you on their lives and we’ll see where their lives lead them!

Hope you enjoyed!

Let me know what ones are your favorite(s) in the comments! 🙂

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