Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 3

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 3 ~ Juan & Zayne Chavez-Goth Wedding Photos

So before I show pictures, I want to tell you a little bit about Juan Chavez. His mother and father got a divorce.  His father wasn’t much of a father to him to start with and shortly after became enemies.  Right after he moved out of his mother’s apartment, all he could think about was succeeding in his job.  All he cared about was himself and his success.  Along with thinking about himself he decided to hit the gym and lose his chubbyness from his teen years. It didn’t take long and he felt like a new man!  That’s when he met Zayne Goth.  They started out as friends.  They were friends all through most of his Young Adult age.  But he felt like there was something more than just friendship there.  He felt heat! Real heartstopping heat!  He didn’t know he was interested in men. No wonder him and that one girl practically hated each other and they were always bickering.  She liked him but he couldn’t imagine himself with a girl.

Juan got several promotions from his hard work at his job and he was loving his success but he couldn’t stop thinking about Zayne.  The way Zayne made him feel.  After one of his big promotions landing him to level 6 of his career Juan invited Zayne over to celebrate.  He couldn’t help himself he had to try.  He kiss Zayne! and well Zayne didn’t refuse!!!  His heart jumped, it fluttered it raced faster than it ever did when he was exercising.  Juan knew, he was the one.  So Juan asked Zayne out and they only dated for a short time.  Wasn’t long and Juan proposed to Zayne and Zayne said yes!

Juan and Zayne got married in a church.  Here are the photos from their wedding.  Most of these photos did not come out very good so they never got framed and up on the wall.

Sims at the wedding tend to get in the way, and this evening was no exception.

10-31-17_12-24-28 PM10-31-17_12-27-39 PMThe photos during the ceremony didn’t turn out.  That woman’s breasts were in the way of the picture!

So we took reception photos instead outside of the church while the guests were inside enjoying the reception.

10-31-17_12-57-40 PM10-31-17_12-56-48 PM10-31-17_12-55-46 PM10-31-17_12-49-40 PM

Decided to use this one for their main wedding photo since it looks like they are getting ready to exchange rings since none of the ones inside the church turned out.

10-31-17_12-50-50 PM

There was a bench in the back of the courtyard and thought it would make nice photos.

10-31-17_12-53-15 PM10-31-17_12-37-14 PM10-31-17_12-36-31 PM

Look at Zayne, he almost looks like he’s thinking about the decision he has just made!

10-31-17_12-38-33 PM

Then you got Juan here who knows he looks good.  Just look at that grin.

10-31-17_12-39-24 PM

There’s all the photos from their wedding night.

I hope you enjoyed!

Let me know what one is your favorite in the comments. 🙂

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