Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 3

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 3 ~ Pancake Wedding Photos

I thought I would post the pictures that were taking for Brenton and Ellie’s Wedding.  Of course these are not ones in frame but the ones that are saved in the Sims 4 Screenshot folder.

Some of these photos didn’t turn out the greatest so this a way for you to see unreleased photos of their wedding that never made it into frames and on their walls.

10-24-17_1-43-14 PM10-24-17_1-44-40 PM10-24-17_1-46-36 PM10-24-17_1-53-01 PM

Taking pictures during the ceremony turned out to be a challenge.  Had a hard time getting photos with out guests getting in the way.

So I took more private photos later in the evening when all the guests had left.

10-24-17_2-02-55 PM10-24-17_2-03-47 PM10-24-17_2-04-45 PM10-24-17_2-08-53 PM10-24-17_2-10-20 PM10-24-17_2-12-04 PM

This is my favorite pose.  This is actually the kiss cheek interaction but since I have a height mod in my game it looks like Brenton is kissing Ellie’s temple.  SO ROMANTIC!

10-24-17_2-06-47 PM

There’s all the photos that were taken the night Brenton and Ellie Pancakes got married.

I hope you enjoyed!

Let me know what photo/pose is your favorite in the comments 🙂

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