Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 3

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 3~New Adoption

Its taken a while but Zayne has finally gotten Juan to agree to a 2nd child.  They had several fights over it and their relationship did take a hit.

Over the past few days since Fiona has become a toddler, Zayne has missed having a baby in the house. He’s mentioned it a little before while Fiona was a baby but Juan didn’t want anything to do with the idea.  A couple days prior to the adoption Zayne got Juan to sit and talk with him about it.  Juan blew up about it.  Got real angry.  Said that he really needs to work on his career and he has a lot to do.  That he doesn’t have the time to care for another child.  That his dream has always been to run his own business and be the boss of the bosses at work.

This upset Zayne.   “All you do is work!  You never spend time with me or Fiona.  When was the last time we were romantic!  Its been so long I almost don’t remember!”

Juan got angry.   “You knew from the start that my job was really important to me!  You knew this before we got romantically involved! You also knew that I didn’t want children because I don’t have time for them.  Don’t you be putting this all on me!”

Then Juan just stormed off to bed.  The two didn’t speak for a few days.  Zayne didn’t want to hurt the relationship anymore than it already was.  Instead he just studied more jokes for his comedy, potty trained Fiona and played dolls with her.

About 3 days past, Juan was sitting reading his book and Zayne came over and started to chat.  He apologized to Juan for bringing up the subject of another child and that he was very greatful for having Fiona.  Juan told him that he was also sorry that he didn’t mean to get so upset over the subject and that work was just stressing him out a little.

“If you want another child, then I will agree to one more.  But that is it, no more than 2 children so don’t bring this subject up again.”

Zayne about jumped for joy, he grabbed Juan gave him a huge hug several kisses and ran to the computer to start looking at the adoptions.

The next day, Zayne couldn’t help his joy.  Fiona was happy playing in her room so he tried to pass the time till Juan came home by studying some more of his comedy.

Juan comes home and grabbed some supper and sat down at the table.  Zayne comes in to talk about when they could leave to pick up the new baby.

“I have no intentions on going with you to get the baby.  I need to study my books and get my skills up so I can move on to the next promotion at work.”

Zayne wasn’t going to argue.  He was just to thrilled that Juan agreed in the first place.  So he left the house on his own to pick up the new baby.

Later that evening Juan snapped a few pictures of Zayne holding the new bundle of joy that they called Robyn.


Hope you enjoyed reading and I hope to post more about this generation as it continues.

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