Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 3

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 3~Ellie yearns for a baby

Ellie Pancake is reaching her mid adult years and she’s yearning for a baby more than ever now.  She knows her time to have one is coming to an end soon and that the older she gets the less of a chance it will happen.  Brenton hasn’t said much to her about the topic but she can see it in his eyes he’s hurting about it just as much as she is.

Ellie was talking to Brenton one evening after work about how the extra room downstairs has been empty the whole time they have lived in that townhouse apartment.  She would like to decorate it as a nursery.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea”  Brenton is concerned that having this nursery is just going to upset Ellie more in the long run.  That the fact that it is there with no baby is going to hurt her more emotionally than she thinks it will.

Brenton loves Ellie so much.  She’s still, after all of these years together, his heart and soul and he can’t imagine living with out her. It tears him to pieces to see her upset and the idea of her being unhappy makes him unhappy as well.

“Are you sure you don’t want to see the doctor and see if there is something wrong? Maybe we need a little assistance in that department.” Brenton has always been more willing to be checked out than Ellie has.

“Before, when we were young adults, I didn’t think we really needed to because we had so much time.  That if it was meant to be that it would happen on its own.  I’m starting to agree with you, I wonder if there is something wrong” Ellie’s eyes started to tear up as she said those words.  Brenton hurried up and grabbed her and held her tight while she cried in his arms.

“l’ll tell you what” he whispered “I will go with you to pick out all that you want for the nursery if you make an appointment with the doctor for both of us to find out about our fertility problems.”

She looked up at him, swollen eyes, red face and smilled. “That will make me so happy”

The next day the two went shopping and Ellie spent all the next day painting the room to get it ready for the new furnishings:

11-30-17_9-00-11 PM11-30-17_9-00-30 PM

Ellie has made an appointment for the two of them to go in to see the doctor. What will the doctor tell them?  Will they ever be able to concieve?  Will they need fertility treatments or will they need to spend money on adoption or a surrogate?

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