Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 3

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 3-Brenton & Ellie’s Fertility Treatment

After they talked for several days about what they were going to do.  The risks of having a baby were so great.  The idea of losing the baby if they were to get pregnant was the worst thought Ellie has ever had.  Brenton can’t stop the fear he has of losing his wife.  He wants a child but he doesn’t know if he wants a baby more than his wife’s life.

Ellie is so determined! She loves kids.  She babysat on the weekends when she was a teen and thought she would have 4 or 5 kids to drive her crazy with love and smiles.  As the trueth sets in about the fact that concieving a child may never happen.  The fact that she’s getting older puts her at risk of not being around to see her child or children to graduate or get married themselves.  Is that something she wants?  Is she going to be selfish and try to create this child even if it means leaving the child behind?

The weekend came and Ellie told Brenton, “It’s time.”

They got ready and headed out the door to go to the fertility clinic.  It was a beautiful sunny day, “Let’s walk?”  Ellie enjoys walking and thinks there’s to much pollution in town.

They get to the clinic and the people there were really nice.  They took them to their rooms and gave them their robes.

Before the treatments they both got messages!

12-05-17_12-36-08 PM12-05-17_12-36-31 PM

Before they left the clinic they were told that they only have a short time to try to conceive during the fertility boost.  They only had 12 hours!

Brenton didn’t want to waste time, he saw a park and it had an observatory there.  A huge smile appeared on his face and he pulled Ellie in a quick walk down the street to the park.  They checked quickly to make sure no one was watching and they sneaked into the observatory.

Do you think the fertility treatment worked?  Is Ellie going to be pregnant?  If she does get pregnant will she miscarry like the doctors warned or will she lose hers and the baby’s life?  Keep reading to find out!

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