Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 3

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 3 – Negative Results

A short time later, Ellie wasn’t feeling very well.  She had the pregnancy test in the box sitting in the bathroom waiting for her to use it.  She just stood there, staring at it.  She was so nervous.  To scared to try it. She has to know though.  Has her strange feelings in her just her nerves or was there something there?  Life growing as we wait?

She grabbed the box and took the test out.  Brenton is standing on the other side of the door waiting, patiently like he does.  That’s one of the reason’s why Ellie fell in love with him.  He’s so patient with her.  She can be stubborn at times and not know what she wants to do but he’ll patiently wait for her to make up her mind. It took her almost a week to choose the nursery colors.  He didn’t rush her or get angry regardless of how many samples they had tried on the walls.  He just calmly helped her try new ones till she got the right color.   She decided, its now or never.

Ellie walked out of the door, tears flowing from her eyes, running down her cheeks.  She handed him the test but he knew the answer with out even looking.  Those weren’t happy tears, she was crying out of sadness.  He held her tightly, whispering softly in her ear.  Comforting her, telling her its ok.

“Maybe its not meant to be?  Maybe because of the risks we are ment to help another child who needs a home.  Who doesn’t have a home of their own.”  Ellie looked up at him as he spoke those words.  She needed time.  She needed to heal.  This was very hard on her and she doesn’t know if she could handle going through the adoption process.  She watched her brother Juan adopt.  He adopted two beautiful little girls, but it wasn’t easy.  It was so expensive.  Not to mention all the paperwork that had to be done and the visits from the town to make sure the home would be ok.  He still has visits unexpectedly come to the door to make sure the girls are taken care of.  She doesn’t know if her heart could go through all of that.

A couple weeks later Ellie was sick.  Her stomach hurt so bad, she felt dizzy and was in the bathroom all night.  “Are you OK?” Brenton was worried.  “I think that fish we had at supper isn’t agreeing wtih me very well”

Except, the sickness wasn’t going away.  She was sick all day and most of the night.  She was getting really dehydrated.  Her body was hurting all over and then all of a sudden she screamed in pain! Brenton rushed her to the hospital.

After several tests they came back with the results.  “Ellie, your pregnant.”

A shocked look came over them both.  The test was negative how could she be pregnant?  Why is she in so much pain?  The doctor told them that Ellie’s body is trying to reject the pregnancy.  That if they don’t do something quickly she was going to lose the baby.

The doctor rushed Ellie into the surgery room to start her procedure.

Brenton’s palms were sweating the whole time she was gone.  He was shaking, crying off and on.  He hasn’t been this scared about anything in his whole life.  He’s been to space and even that didn’t scare him like this is right now!

The doctor comes out and walks over to Brenton.  His face was unreadable.  He talked to Brenton but he couldn’t hear him, his thoughts were to loud and his fear was taking over.

The doctor walked him in the room with Ellie.  Ellie was smiling at him.  That smile always made him melt.

“The doctor had to stitch everything closed so I don’t lose the baby.  I will have to come back in prior to the birth so he can remove the stitches and the baby can be born.  I have to take these anti-rejection pills during the pregnancy.  He told me I need to be very careful.  I can’t get stressed.  He said I can keep working but if I get overly worked I will have to go on leave and be put on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. ”  She couldn’t stop smiling.  Regardless of what was going on she was still so happy and gleaming with joy!

Here’s a few pics from Ellie’s first trimester:

How is the rest of Ellie’s pregnancy going to go? Will she have to go on bedrest? Will the baby come early?  Keep reading to find out!

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