Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 3

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Juan’s Skill Increase

Juan hasn’t been spending hardly any time with Zayne or the girls.  Zayne hasn’t been very happy with him.  All he does as soon as he gets home from work and go gets on the computer and does research. After he’s done doing research he grabs his books from work and starts reading.  The only breaks he is doing to shower or eat.  Even those he’s doing as quickly as possible.

Fiona is now potty trained and her speech is above expected at her age.  Zayne loves playing dolls with her when he can.  The baby’s been very fussy.  Robyn isn’t as easy going of a baby as Fiona was.  He thinks she’s going to be a handful when she reaches her terrible twos!

Zayne was about ready to go into the living room to tell Juan he needs to put that book down and spend some time with him and his family.  That he understands work is important but the fact that he hasn’t even held Robyn is really starting to get at Zayne.  Its really starting to just make him mad.  He needs to step up and be a parent and not put more time and effort into work.  Just then Juan jumps up!  “Finally!  I finally get it!  I can finally get into work tomorrow and look at those reports and get them taken care of!  I can see that promotion getting closer!”

Zayne couldn’t help but smile.  He walked over and gave Juan a big hug.  He was very happy for Juan.  This is a big accomplishment as it always is when Juan gets what he wants from work.  He does hope Juan gets what he’s looking for.  He’s also hoping now that he can get his reports done and move on with the job that maybe now he will spend some more time at home.  Hopefully he doesn’t think he needs to work quite so hard.  Especially since Juan is having a birthday soon.  Zayne would like to celebrate his birthday with him. Maybe even invite his sister Ellie and her husband over for the cake.  They haven’t seen them in a  long time and they just live in the downstairs apartment.  He wonders how they are doing.  Last time he knew they were having problems conceiving a baby.  They seemed really happy even though they didn’t have children.

Juan put his book down and walked over to Zayne, “Is Fiona in bed”

“Yes Juan, I’ve already read her a bedtime story.  Maybe tomorrow you could put her to bed and read her a story?”

“I…I guess I could.  I don’t really know how to read to a child”

That’s all Zayne needed to hear.  The fact that Juan was willing to try to be there for Fiona.  That he was okay with reading her a story, that’s a good start.  Maybe things are starting to look up from here.  Now if only he could get Juan to get up in the middle of the night to change and feed Robyn once in a while.  She’s only going to be a baby for a short time yet.

Is Juan going to slow down and take some time to be with his family?  Is he going to step up and be more of a father to them?  Keep reading to find out!

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