Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 3

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 3 – Somethings Wrong!

Ellie was called in to work to write a column.  She figured the pregnancy was going really good.  She was half way through the 2nd trimester now and still no scares with the baby since before the ultrasound.  She thought, Its just one column, I should be okay.  Then I will come home and rest. 

Ellie got ready for work and headed out.  She was there a lot longer than she had planned.  She was starting to get tired.  “I really need to head home.” So she walked over to her bosses office and told him that she did the column and that she needs to go home.  Her boss was about to argue with her but she reminded him that the doctor told her she needs to be careful and not get over worked.

She came home around 2pm Sunday afternoon.  She had been there for 4 hours.  How could she of let herself be there for so long?  She took a nice bubble bath and then read a small book in the nursery.  She was still feeling pretty good.   A little tired so she went to bed a  little early that night. Brenton came up a little later for bed as well.

It was about 2am when Ellie was woken up.  The sheets were soaked! “OH NO!” She screamed, Brenton jumped up out of bed looking around as if something was in the room.  Ellie started crying and she started to scream.  Brenton froze!  He didn’t know what to do.  He was so scared!.  He hurried up and grabbed Ellie some slippers and helped her to her feet.  She was crying so hard she could hardly talk.  “It h…h..hurts!”  She almost couldn’t stand up.

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Brenton leaned down and picked up Ellie and carried her swiftly to the cab waiting outside.  He had called the cab while he was grabbing Ellie’s slippers.  The cab saw what was going on and about freaked!  “DRIVE!” yelled Brenton.  The cab driver did as he was told and drove them to the hospital.

They got to the hospital and Ellie was rushed into the emergency room.  Brenton started pacing back and forth in the waiting room.  His hands were trembling.  All he could think of was, “It’s to early, It’s to early”  He didn’t know what to think.  It was about 3 hours later before the doctor finally came out.

“I’m sorry, but we couldn’t save the baby.  Ellie’s water had broke at home and the baby was tearing the stitches, causing a lot of bleeding.  We had to give Ellie a transfusion, but the baby was already gone before he was born.  Ellie had a lot of trauma and it isn’t recommended that she ever tries for a baby again.  You want to go see her?”

All Brenton could do was nod. The tears started flowing so hard he almost couldn’t see where he was walking.  He walked into the room where Ellie was sleeping.  She was hooked up to so many monitors, tubes were connected to her arms.  Her face was so swollen from the crying she did prior to coming to the hospital.

“She’s on several pain drugs to help her sleep.”  That was about all Brenton heard the nurse say.  He just walked to her bed, seeing her made him cry even more.  He can’t believe he allowed himself to do this to her!  This is his fault!  He never should of agreed to do the fertility treatment!  How is he ever going to forgive himself for this.  He just sat down next to her by the bed, grabbed her hand and held it by his face.  The tears just kept flowing.  He’s never felt so much pain before in his life!  The pain he saw her in, the sadness that crept over her face felt like a stabbing pain in his heart that he couldn’t remove.

The next morning came.  Ellie woke up and saw Brenton leaned over sleeping on the side of the bed.  She stroked his hair.  He’s such a good man, she thought. She knew what had happened.  The doctor had come into her room shortly before they added the extra drugs to help her sleep.  She couldn’t believe her little boy was gone.  They hadn’t even named him yet.  The doctor told her she shouldn’t try for another baby, that this ordeal almost ended her life already.  A second try would surely be it for her.


After a couple of days in the hospital, they let Ellie go home.

The funeral for the baby was short.  They decided to have him cremated.   Brenton hung a shelf in the baby’s room and they put some flowers from the funeral on the shelf along with a poem in a frame and the baby’s urn.  They did that so they could keep him with them.  So they could be reminded of what a blessing he was even if they didn’t get to keep him.

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