Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 3

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 3 – Juan’s Birthday!

This is a very busy time for the Chavez-Goth household.  Zayne has taught Robyn how to walk and now she’s all over the apartment!  Zayne’s gotten pretty good at doing little girls hair, he’s had lots of practice with Fiona’s hair over the past few years.  Zayne decided for today, since it was a special occasion, that he was going to put Robyn’s hair in a bun with a ribbon.

Fiona’s getting pretty big now, she’s getting ready to start school.  How time flies!  Didn’t seem that long ago Zayne was potty training that little tot and reading her bed time stories.  Now its all about hair and monsters under the bed!

Zayne has a birthday party planned for Juan when he gets off of work.  He was hoping Juan would slow down but he still insistent that he gets this one last promotion before retirement and even then Zayne is unsure if Juan will retire.  He loves his job and loves being the boss of everyone at the company.  He missed most of Fiona’s baby and toddler years and is now worried that he won’t slow down to enjoy her school years as well.

Juan is quite a bit older than Zayne and they knew this getting into the relationship.  Juan is reaching the age of retirement while Zayne still has a ways to go yet.  Zayne is worried that Juan is going to pass away before he gets to do anything with the girls.  Not once did he pick up Robyn while she was an infant.  Now she’s a toddler and is running all over.  She is so much more fussy than what Fiona was.  Just the other day Zayne was feeding Robyn in the high chair and she got all mad about eating pees that she took a couple of bites, started screaming and crying and threw her bowl on the floor.  Zayne got after her for that behavior and picked her up and got her in bed.  If she isn’t going to eat supper than she can just wait till morning breakfast.  Fiona not once ever threw her food on the floor.

Juan is going to be getting home soon and the guests have started to arrive.  Zayne was very surprised to see Brenton and Ellie come to the party.  They had a rough few months.  They were going to be having a baby boy but unexpectedly Ellie miscarried and almost lost her life as well.  They’ve been told that babies would not be the best thing for Ellie to do, that her body won’t be able to handle another one.  He has no idea how they are holding up as well as they are.  He can see it in their faces that this has been the hardest, most emotional thing they have ever gone through.  He sure hopes this doesn’t ruin their marriage, they are so happy with each other.  He’s never seen so much love between two people.

Juan is now home but he immediately goes to the book shelf and grabs his book.  Didn’t even say hi to any of the guests.

“What are you doing?!” Zayne is pretty upset with how Juan is acting.  There’s no reason why he can’t spend some time with his sister that he hasn’t hardly seen in the last few years and come over and have some cake with the rest of them.

“I’m tring to get these papers figured out so I can get them turned in for work. Cake can wait”

“NO! it can’t!  Juan, this is it.  Either you get over here and enjoy this birthday party with your family, the people who love you or you can sleep on the couch tonight!”

Juan looked up astonished!  Did Zayne really just say that?  That isn’t like Zayne at all.  Zayne is usually pretty laid back and doesn’t usually complain much about anything.  He thought about it for a min, cake won’t take to long.  I guess I can spend a few minutes with my sister and her husband.  It has been a long time since he seen them. 

So Juan came over and had some chocolate cake that Zayne had baked earlier that evening.  The cake was delicious.  By the time Brenton and Ellie went home, the girls were getting into bed and Juan felt rather tired.  The book can wait till tomorrow, Juan thought.  Zayne was already in the shower getting ready for bed himself.  So Juan just went ahead and put the plates in the sink and got ready for bed.

Will Juan make it to the top of his career before passing away?  Will he ever retire?  What’s going to happen with Juan and Zayne’s marriage?

Keep reading to find out!

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