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Sims 3: Prison Challenge-Wardon’s first baby.

So during my prison challenge, my prison hasn’t had much luck when it comes to inmates rehabilitating themselves.  So far I believe I have had 5 deaths in the jail with 0 rehabilitated.  The first deaths occured during a fire.  My first maid was cooking and she caught the kitchen on fire.  She burned along with 2 of my inmates.  That was a rather interested day.  The jail was frantic.  The other 2 deaths were 2 inmates dying of old age.  I currently have 2 more that are elders and are going to be dying soon.  One not even close to mastering his skill while the other one is at level 9.  This is definately not the jail you want to go to, considering most are here till death!  So my wardon has gotten married.  He isn’t the best of husbands because he keeps wanting to woohoo with an inmate!  At the same time he keeps woohooing with his wife.  Sometimes as many as 3 times in one day!  Well one of those times has knocked her up!  UGH!  I didn’t particularly want to deal with a baby but so far she is doing just fine taking care of her baby on her own.  The wardon still won’t stop trying to woohoo with the inmate or his wife.  I’m telling yea!  This wife of his gets pregnant again I just might have to kick her out!

The baby is born and instead of the maid helping with delivery, she comes in and decides to mop up the water from my sims labor:


What do you think I should do about this woohooing thing?  Should I let the wardon woohoo with the inmate?  He hasn’t tried to get her in the jail showers yet.  Should I do something about his and his wifes excessive intimate relations?

Leave your comments below!


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