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Sims 3: Werewolf Sightings!!!

So during my 100 baby challenge this past week, my new babies have turned into toddlers.  Not a big deal, that is, untill they start to age up into children.  Apparently there are some sims, regardless if they are related and helped care for those toddlers for the last few sim days still get frightened to where they pass out on the floor when they see a werewolf.  In this case she decided to pass out next to a stinky potty just because her baby brother that she just got done teaching to potty aged up into a child and changed into his werewolf form.  If she was a little closer her head would of went right into that stinky potty!


I imagine this is going to be an interesting end to my 100 baby challenge,  These are the first babies of the werewolf generations.  There are 4 total so far that are now children.  The founder is now pregnant with another litter of werewolves.  I foresee sims passing out all over the house!

Whats your opinion on the werewolves in the game?  I’ve never played one before.  Do you like them? Dislike them?  Leave your comments below!


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