Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 3

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 3 – Brennan Rocca – The Loner

I thought I would make a post on Brennan Rocca.  He’s not mentioned a lot in the series.  He’s kinda the behind the scenes sim.  He’s been the photographer for all of the family photos, minus a few here and there.  So here’s a little recap on our beloved Brennan.

Brennan is the son of  Nicolas and Luna Rocca.  He never really seemed to fit in with his twin brother and sister, Brett & Brianna.  He always preferred to be a lone.  Didn’t really feel comfortable around the other sims.  Then his little brother Kaden was born and he realized he really didn’t like children either.

After he graduated, he just moved in the single bedroom apartment below his parents townhouse.  He mostly stays home writing books and keeping to himself.  He doesn’t socialize with his family or his cousins who live a few townhouses down.  He works in the publishing industry so he sees his cousin Ellie, who is married to Brenton Pancakes, occasionally in the office.  He usually just keeps to himself at his desk at work.

He books are really taking off.  He’s written about 15 books, brings home about $1500 a day in royalties and is slowly making his apartment his own.  He has a few pictures of himself in his house but not very much in the way of decorating.  He recently has remodeled his kitchen and bought some new furnishings throughout.

I do not have any before pictures so here are all the after photos of Brennan’s Apartment.

The kitchen got all new upper cabinets installed:

12-20-17_12-39-22 PM

The rest of the apartment just got a few more furnishings, bookshelves, curtains and plants:

12-20-17_12-39-40 PM12-20-17_12-40-05 PM12-20-17_12-40-20 PM12-20-17_12-41-01 PM12-20-17_12-41-26 PM

Here are a couple selfies that Brennan has taken of himself through out his life.  He looks like a good combination of his father and mother:

12-20-17_12-51-06 PM12-20-17_12-51-10 PM

Now that Brennan is an elder he still works.  It’s not cheap to live in his apartment.  He pays about 1K in rent to live there.  He isn’t complaining, its not as much as his cousin’s rent.  Their apartments are much bigger since they were planning children in their futures.  Its a nice quiet neighborhood and schools are good, if he had any.  He’s still very active in his writing and creates about a book a day.  Writing comes so much easier to Brennan than most sims.

Now that he’s older he asked his cousin Zayne, who is married to Brennan’s blood cousin Juan, to take a few last photos of him to have in his house.  Figured his time is about to come to an end and thought maybe some nice photos would be nice to have in the house.


By the end of the photo shoot you can see in the last picture Brennan was getting a little tired of his picture being taken.  He’s not used to being on that side of the camera.

Brennan is still currently with us but his time is almost over.

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