Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 3

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 3 ~ Juan & Zayne Chavez-Goth’s new family photos

Zayne wasn’t very happy with the photos that were taken earlier in the week.  He figured if he was going to get Juan to stop long enough from studying his logic to take more family photos, he was going to have to surprise him with them.  He decided he wasn’t going to say anything about the family photos until the day of the pictures after they were already at the chosen location.  He figured the best time to do this would be on the weekend.

Saturday rolls around and Zayne gets the girls ready for the pictures while Juan is in the living room reading.  He gets Robyn a bath and picks out her clothes for that afternoon pictures.  Once the girls were already that’s when he decided to approach Juan.

“I would like to take the girls to the museum today and would like you to attend with us so we can do something as a family.  It won’t take long.  Just a little bit out of your day to spend with the girls.”

Juan looked up from his book with the look on his face like do I really have to go. Zayne knew that look all to well.  Juan never wants to go anywhere with the girls or with him.  All he ever does is study his books and thinks about his job. Juan doesn’t have a lot of time left with them and he still doesn’t see what he has missed in his life.

“Yes!  You do need to go.  I don’t ask to go very many places and usually take the girls myself.  You are getting older and would like a few memories with you in them.”

Juan groans a little but puts the book down.  He stands up and grabs his things and heads out the door.  Zayne takes his queue and quickly picks up Robyn and heads out the door with Fiona right behind him.

They get to the museum and Juan notices that Zayne has brought his camera.  He sighs, he knows exactly what Zayne was doing.  Guess I better just cooperate and gets this over with so I can get home and back to my books.  Juan thought to himself.

Juan wasn’t very happy and was pretty grumpy but he took the photos with the family with out saying anything.  Zayne didn’t complain, he was just glad to get more photos done.

Here are the family photos taken at the museum:

Zayne was thrilled with how they turned out and couldn’t wait to get some new frames and get the photos up on the wall.

Will Juan get to the top of his career before his passing?  Is he ever going to have the time to spend with Zayne and the girls before they grow up?  Continue reading to find out!

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4 thoughts on “Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 3 ~ Juan & Zayne Chavez-Goth’s new family photos

  1. I wish I could get the hang of the mods for poses. Do you have favorites that work well? I had several but I couldn’t figure out how to get the couples to line up together properly.


    1. It took me a few times to get it figured out. I was about ready just to say heck with it and give up. What you need is of course the pose player, poses of your choice, and that transport statue thing lol Get your sims to a location any location that can be edited. Put that statue where you want them to pose. If there is more than one sim in the pose the add another statue and place it in the exact location as the first. Stack them on top of each other till you have the number of statues for each sim. The click each statue and teleport the sim you want. Doesn’t matter on the order. Then click on a sim and choose the pose you want for each sim. That will autumatically line them up for the pose. 🙂 Hope this helps! So far I’ve only used the poses shown in the photos. I don’t have favorites quite yet. 🙂

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