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Changing websites

For a while now I have used a few different places for others to download my builds or mods.  What I use is the Exchange, Mod the Sims, the Gallery along with WIX.

I have decided I am no longer going to have the wix website.  At first I enjoyed it.  I also wasn’t sure where else I would have for my site for others to go to.  The site has  lots of options just like commercials for it say they do.  It is easy to use and the sites do come out looking nice at the end.  However, for me anyway, maybe its my internet speed but it takes so long to do and keep updated.  It lags.  My typing lags and I type between 90-120wpm so when I am on that site and it lags, for me its horrible.  It is so slow I might as well just be finger pecking.  If you don’t know what finger pecking is, that’s when you just use your pointer finger on both hands and type with only those.  It just takes me so long to do one post.  So long that I have hardly even been going to it to update it.  It is behind on my builds, way behind.

I’m going to start bringing all my builds and along with a few different download links to this site here, WordPress.  This site may not be as fancy, may not let me do as much as I did on Wix, but it keeps up with me.  I can post a blog several paragraphs long in just a few short minutes versus it taking me 10 or more minutes just to post one blog over on WIX do to the lag.  Because of that, I am moving everything over here.  That site will stay up and running till I have everything I have over there over here.   Once everything is moved over I will shut that site down.  I will then have to go through all of my videos, which is a lot, and remove the Wix website link.

I would like to organize this site a little more, but at this time I really don’t know what all I can do and the few things I have tried doesn’t seem to do what I thought it did.  I’m pretty computer savvey so usually doesn’t take me long at all to figure things out, just depends if I really feel like dealing with it :p.

I also feel that this site is found easier on google than on Wix.  I don’t think my Wix site is really found or viewed.  On here, I get so many more views which in return means I know that more of you are seeing my content and hopefully enjoying what you find.  I also hope this helps others to find my builds and anything else that I might upload.

Thank you again for following me and hope this site allows you to find what you are looking for!



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