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Sims 3: Prison Challenge Rules

Prison Challenge
     This challenge was inspired by James Turner’s prison challenge for the Sims 4. This is still a work in progress. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave them in the comments below. 🙂
Lot set at Residential

Can use any prison you want.


         *Cells with bed for each inmate

         *Kitchen – not accessible to inmates

         *Creation room – where inmates paint etc…

         *Solitary Confinement – inmates fighting go here for 12hrs

             -Even active sim gets punished for fighting.

    ~Keep in mind, you will have bills 🙂

    ~Video to my prison build here

    ~Click here to use my prison. – was built prior to solitary confinement

         *I used these CC in my prison lot:

               Banged up prison set

               Alarms and Signs

               Cage lights

Life Span-Ageing must be on.

    ~YA-30 Days

    ~A-15 Days

    ~E-5 Days


    ~Get 15 prisoners eligible for parole.


    ~All inmates have been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of


    ~To get parole, reach level 10 of a money making skill. No writing.


    ~Make money selling inmates creations.

    ~Get state funding of 20% of bills.





         *The rest can be your choice

    ~Must have appropriate clothing attire.

    ~Can go anywhere in the prison and town.

    ~Resides on the lot.

    ~Does the arresting of inmates.

    ~Must do all chores if there are no employees.

    ~Never ages

    ~Can get married and have children.

         *Spouse and children do not have authority to go past the prison lobby.

    ~Hires the employees of the jail –   Optional


    ~Warden must be able to invite sim over to be able to arrest them.

    ~Once sim has been invited/arrested they can be given a cell (Add to


    ~If you get robbed you can fight. If you win, you can arrest robber (Add

      to household)

    ~If a fight happens on a community lot you can fight. Win and you can

      arrest sim (Add to household)

Employees – Optional

    ~All outfits must be job appropriate

    ~Will need a way of doing a payroll

         *I will be using Nraas Story Progression – Set daily fee at $25

    ~Freeze their needs

    ~Aging is on

Chef – Optional



         *Natural Cook

         *Couch Potato

         *The rest can be your choice

    ~Only aloud in the kitchen and inmates cafeteria

    ~Makes all meals for inmates

    ~Serves all inmates in the cafeteria

Repairman/Maid – Optional

    ~Traits for repairman only



         *Couch Potato

         *The rest can be your choice

    ~Traits for maid only



         *The rest can be your choice

    ~Combine above traits if your employee is repairman and maid combined.

    ~Can be the same sim or separate

    ~Responsible for cleaning and fixing objects in the prison.

Guard – Optional

    ~Traits – Based on if your guard is mean or nice

         *Slob – required

         *Couch Potato – required

    ~Nice Guard



    ~Mean Guard


         *Hot – Headed



    ~The rest can be your choice

    ~Stays in the prisoner areas only

    ~Can do what they want with the prisoners – be mean, nice etc…

    ~Have no responsibilities

Misc Employees

    ~Computer Security



              -Computer wiz – no hacking

              – Genius


              -The rest can be your choice

         *Can not go into the inmate quarters


    ~All outfits must be prisoner appropriate.

    ~Can only control 1 inmate per 5 inmates per day.

    ~Can have as many inmates as you want.

         *Employees get paid more if there are more inmates.

    ~If inmate dies before reaching level 10 skill then they did not qualify for


Thank you for giving this challenge a try!

Any Comments or suggestions on this challenge please leave below in the comments. 🙂



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