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Sims 4: 7 Toddler Challenge Rules

7 Toddler Challenge                               Created Jan 13, 2017

      So we got toddlers!  Isn’t that exciting?  Since I’ve been doing the Sims 3 100 baby challenge, when I saw this update, I thought that could make a fun challenge! I was hoping to do 8 toddlers for all of the traits but I was unable to get 8 plus a parent into the same household, even with mods. So here are my rules to a 7 toddler challenge for the sims 4 🙂
    ~Raise all 7 toddlers to child with these skill requirements:
         *Communication level 4 -Mastered
         *Movement level 4 – Mastered
         *Potty level Mastered
         *Thinking level 4 – Mastered
         *Imagination level 4 – Mastered
    ~7 toddlers
    ~1 parent
    ~Can be male or female
    ~Must be set as the toddler’s parent
    ~Each toddler gets a different trait
    ~Required traits: fussy & clingy
    ~Any house you want
    ~Not a limit because you will be a stay at home parent.
    ~Normal setting
    ~No helpers
         *Example: No Nannies, No Butlers, No extra sims of any kind
If you have any suggestions or ideas for this challenge leave them below 🙂



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