Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 3

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 3 ~ Bad bad day for Juan

Juan got up early today, about 2:30a.m.  He was determined to better his skills at Charisma.  He went to the bookshelf and started reading up on the skill.  He needed to get better at this so he could get his promotion to the last level of his career.  He stayed up reading till his daughter Fiona, who is now a beautiful teenager, walked into the kitchen for breakfast.  She has grown up so fast.  Juan regrets not spending more time with her and Robyn but at the same time he really needed this for his career.  So he decided, I could practice the things I learned on her and get to know her better as well. Seemed like a good idea anyway.  So while she was at the table eating breakfast he put his book away and went over and started talking.  He talked with her till she went to school.  About that time Zayne came from the bedroom so he thought he would continue to practice on him.  He went over to Zayne and gave him a kiss on the cheak.

“We don’t spend enough time together lately.  I’m a going to go into work a little late today, lets sit and have a much needed chat.”

Zayne couldn’t believe it!  This is what he’s been waiting for.  Waiting for Juan to slow down at work so they could be together more as a family, as lovers.

Juan and Zayne talked till about 11a.m.  Juan figured this is the day!  This is the day, he’s ready for this promotion he can feel it!  So Juan left for work.

Was a rather quiet day for Zayne , both the girls were in school now so he has quite a bit of time to himself.  He prefers to clean.  He had lots of things do today, washed dishes, fixed the powder room toilet, mopped the floors.  He likes having a clean house.  Wasn’t long it seemed and the girls were home from school, Robyn went straight to doing her homework.  Hard to believe the little fussy toddler is turning into such a responsible child.  Fiona on the other hand, she’s been skipping classes, not turning in homework.  He’s even found her sneaking out at night.  He’s worried about her.  Not sure what to do to get her to change her ways.  She was so reponsible as a child.  Always helped with housework, did her homework on time.  It saddens him to see her like this.

Zayne took a quick shower and passed Juan coming up the townhouse stairs as he was heading out to work.

Juan was so mad.  He didn’t get that promotion.  He blew the conference meeting with the new clients.  His charisma just wasn’t there today.  He was so tired.  So tired he just went and laid down in bed.  He didn’t say hi to Robyn sitting at the table doing homework and he has no idea where Fiona is.  He hardly ever sees her anymore.  She’s never around, or is she and he just never notices.

In the middle of Juan’s nap he sits up.  Has a blank look on his face and before he knew what happened he fell over on the floor.  Juan was gone before he hit the wood floor.

Fiona and Robyn came running in.  Fiona’s screaming and shaking him “Wake up! Wake up!”  Robyn was shaking, she was in shock.  “He’s not breathing!” Fiona started screaming.  She just sat there on the floor and cried.  She didn’t know what to do.  He’s gone and there’s nothing she could do.

After awhile Fiona was finally able to call Zayne and Zayne quickly from work called an ambulance.

Juan has passed away from a brain aneurysm.  There wasn’t anything they could do.  He was gone before the ambulance arrived at the townhouse.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.


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