Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 3

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 3 ~ Not so happy occasion

Zayne woke up not in a very good mood.  He was not looking forward to day.  Today was his day off and he had planned on spending as much time with Robyn as he could.  For after today, he was going to be eligible for retirement.

Where has the time gone!  His life just seems like it went so fast.  He got married to his first husband when he was young.  He was young and foolish.  The relationship was going no where.  There was no talking with that one on adopting kids and the spark just wasn’t there anymore.  Then one day he ran into Juan at the gym.  He was a clumsy guy but he was handsome.  He just couldn’t keep his eyes off of him.

They started off as friends.  Juan knew that Zayne was married.  Besides, Juan at the time only cared about himself and his career.  He wasn’t interested in anyone.  He was hit on all the time by the girls at the gym.  He knew he had it but he wasn’t sharing with anyone.  Eventually Juan no longer was coming to the gym.  Zayne missed being able to see him work out, see how much he was getting in shape just made him want to be more than friends than anything.

Zayne’s marriage ended up coming to an end.  Shortly after he calls up Juan and nervously asked him out.  He didn’t want to ask him on a date, wasn’t sure if Juan was into him or not.  They went out to dinner.  It was nice.  He finally got Juan to talk about something other than work.  A few weeks later Zayne gets a call from Juan inviting him over.  Zayne was thrilled!  He couldn’t wait till that evening to see Juan.

When he got there, Juan had a cake.  It was his birthday!  Zayne didn’t realize Juan was so much older than him.  He looked so good for his age.  After they had some cake and chatted for a bit, Zayne had to get headed home.  Juan stopped him in the hallway of the townhouse and surprisingly gave him a kiss!  Zayne’s heart fluttered about.  He just couldn’t believe it!

The rest is pretty much history.  Wasn’t long after that and the two got married at the local church.  Just seems like yesterday all this was happening.  Now Juan is an Elder, at the top of his career.  Zayne is now going to be an Elder this evening but he’s happy.  He’s thankful.  He has done great in his career, and has two beautiful daughters that him and Juan have adopted.  So why is Zayne so sad?  Just seems like its gone so quickly.  Life is to short.

A picture Juan took of Zayne right before blowing out his candles.  He still isn’t very happy knowing that his time is coming to an end soon.

12-19-17_2-43-34 PM

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