Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 3

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 3 ~ Sweet 16 Pictures

Zayne has been pretty upset over Juan’s passing.  He’s just been moping around the house the past few days.

Saturday morning rolls around and Zayne is still in bed at 10a.m.

“Wake Up!” Fiona comes running into the bedroom.  Startles Zayne and he shoots out of bed.  “What?  What’s going on?”

“My Sweet 16 Photos are today.  Did you forget?  You promised!” You could hear the child in Fiona come through in her voice.  The sound was something that Zayne knew all to well.  Fiona was always spoiled growing up.  She was the first adopted daughter him and Juan had got 16 years ago.  Wow!  Has it really been that long? Zayne just has a hard to wrapping his mind around what has been happening lately.  A few months ago they lost Brennan, Juan’s cousin, this past week they just had the funeral for Juan.  He misses him so much!  How can he continue with out him!  Raising the girls by himself, he just doesn’t think he can do this.

Fiona takes off to her room.  Probably going to spend the next several hours choosing her outfits, her make up and hairstyles for each photo shot.  This photo shoot has been scheduled for several months now.  Its not easy to get the venue that they booked.  They booked the wedding venue in San Mayshuno.  Its usually pretty busy this time of year with weddings but they were able to squeeze in for today in the afternoon.

Zayne wondered out to the kitchen and started making a fruit salad.  This was Juan’s favorite meal. Zayne thought to himself as the tears started to run down his cheeks.  He had to take a step back and cry softly.  He heard little footsteps coming down the hall and quickly wiped the tears away.  I can’t let her see me not being strongI need to be strong for her.

Robyn walked into the kitchen, she likes to watch him cook.  So he hurried up and put the prepared salad in a bowl for her and gave it to her.

As the day went on and the time approached, the more anxious Fiona was getting.  At 4p.m. Zayne and the girls headed out to the venue for the photo shoot.

During the photo shoot, Fiona was aloud to choose 5 different outfits and 10 poses.  She ended up not doing all the outfits or all the poses.  She got plenty of photos taken and they turned out great!  Zayne just watched, he couldn’t believe how beautiful she was.  She’s turning into such an amazing woman.  He hopes one day he will be able to give her away to the lucky guy who will get to marry her.  Since there was a few poses left over that Fiona didn’t use, Zayne decided to get a few taken of Robyn as well.

All the photos that were taken are below!



Let me know in the comments below what picture is your favorite!  Mine is the black and white photo. 🙂

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