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This was a request I had gotten back when I did the Abandoned Victorian home that you can find HERE I apologize it took me so long to do this request. I honestly didn’t know if it was possible. Here is the outcome

House Story:
Tragedy struck this lovely home 42 years ago. There was a poor single mother and her daughter living here when a fire excaped from the fireplace. Didn’t take long for the main living area to be engulfed in flames. It quickly traveled to the nursery where the toddler was sleeping. By the time the mother awoke from the smoke the fire was already in her room and there was no escape. Both parished in the home that night. The neighbors were able to put the fire out before it took the loft and the rest of the house. Since this tragedy, the house was boarded up and abandoned. No one wanted to live here due to the strange sightings of the toddler and her mother wondering the property. Strange fish started to appear and a forever lasting fog took over the house and property. Since the fire, vandals have vandalized the house, broke some of the water lines and the weeds are growing wildly through out the yard and into the first floor of the home.

This lot was really fun to create. When it came time to create the fire and burn the house, the scroched items did not want to save. I tried several times getting the lot to save correctly with everything burned. Just couldn’t do it. So I ended up having to use Nraas DebugEnabler. This allowed me to go back in and burn the items that were burnt in the fire along with burning windows. Unfortunately there was no option in DebugEnabler to burn the floor. Everything you see in the pics is what you will get except the burnt floor.

To create the vandalism, I took a sim from the neighborhood that had high skill in street art and had him go in and vandalize the home for me. Those saved perfectly and after putting the lot down in a new area a few times those were always there.

This lot does use some store content items to create the look that you can not get indivually, others can be gotten seperately. All listed below.
Now & Then Century Manor <– Items used from this lot are: 3 boarded up windows, busted door
Haunted Plants<–From Midnight Hollow
Color Me Chimney Top
Lightbulb Sconce
Patty-Cake Hoodie<–apparently the toddler is wearing this lol

Since this lot does come with two active tombstones, the ghosts that belong to them will also come with the lot. They are not playable ghosts meaning they are not households. They are just items with the build.

If you do not have one or more of the expansion packs or store content items, that is fine. The lot will still work. However, most of the look from the house is from the Now & Then Century Manor and will look quite a bit different if you don’t have that item, however, is not required. Anything you do not have will be replaced with something that you do have or nothing at all.

Want to see how this lot was created?–>VIDEO

All my lots are tested, however, with this lot because of items being burnt they may need to be replaced before the sim can use them. Other than that this lot is livable. It is also priced as a starter home.

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One thought on “Sims 3: Haunted Brambles Download

  1. Found the house from a youtube video, looks pretty rad so giving it a download despite lacking some of the content, I like roughed-up cheaper houses and haunted gives me something extra to play with. If I can weigh in some constructive criticism it’s that the images here and the youtube video do it justice that the exchange site’s low-res clips don’t, if you can make the first image there one of the previews you see here that would help a lot for interest imo. The header image with the text works, or the one with the night view.


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