Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 3

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 3 ~ Depressing Day

Fiona’s birthday is coming up in about a week.  She’s excited!  She’s been looking forward to becoming and adult for some time now.  She’s hoping once she’s an adult maybe, just maybe, Zayne will get off of her back about her responsibilities and let her be.  Her and Zayne have not been on good terms lately.  She realizes it must be hard to raise her and Robyn by himself but he’s always done that.  Its not like Juan has ever been in their lives.  He was hardly around and it seemed like all Zayne and Juan did was argue about him not being around for us girls.  So why is he acting like this?  Why all of a sudden is he pressuring her to be more responsible?  He’s never expected any of this out of her before.

Since she’s still upset with Zayne she has been spending her time in her room.  She started keeping a diary because she just feels like there’s no one she can talk to anymore about what is going on in her life.  Just the other day the nail polish started to peel off of her nails and she broke one while rummaging through her closet looking for her favorite pair of shoes.  She was so upset!  How can she do anything with her nail looking like this!  She asked Zayne for money to get a manicure done so she could have fake nails so they would look perfect again and he told her “no”  How can he tell her no!  She’s never been told no before about getting her nails done or picking out new shoes for her night out!  What was his problem?  Her diary seems to be the only thing that she can confide in anymore.  The diary won’t argue with her, tell her no or make a face at her.

In the middle of writing her next passage for the day into her diary screaming came from the living room.  “That’s Robyn!”  She ran frantically out to the living room only to see Juan laying lifeless on the floor and Robyn crying and screaming.  She just stood there.  At first she didn’t feel anything, no sadness, no anger, nothing.  She was just there.  Was like she wasn’t even in her body anymore.

She walked over to the phone, didn’t even feel like she was the one dialing the number for an ambulance.  She wasn’t controlling her body.  She just stood there with the phone in her hand, shaking.  The medics came rushing into the apartment while she still stood there numb.  Robyn was still screaming, grabbing Zayne’s hand.  She wouldn’t let go.  She kept yelling “No!  You can’t have him! Leave him alone!  Why aren’t you saving him!”  She wasn’t making sense, and was hard to understand through the sobs.  The medics checked for a heartbeat, they shocked him several times but no response.  They pronounced him dead at the scene and started to cover him with a blanket.  That’s when Robyn let loose!  She started kicking the medics and trying to push them away.  Tears were running down her red cheeks.  Fiona dropped the phone finally and came running to Robyn.  She grabbed her close and held her.  Robyn fell to the ground crying and hitting Fiona in the chest.  She just let her.  She needed to release her anger.

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After the paramedics left, it finally started to sink into Fiona on what was going on.  The shaking came back and the tears started to form.  Her eyes burned as she tried to fight the tears.  She couldn’t hold it anymore and let them fall.  After a few minutes crying in her room she got angry.  “How could he do this! How could he leave me here alone!” She started yelling.  She was so angry with him.  How is she supposed to do this!  Robyn is only a child how can she raise her?  She doesn’t know the first thing about doing anything for someone else.  She only knows about taking care of herself.  Herself has always been the important one, not taking care of someone else.  She started punching the pillow, “Why! Why!”  She grabbed her pillow and stuffed her face into it.  She woke up the next morning with swollen eyes.  She must of fallen asleep in her pillow.

Is Fiona going to be able to step up and take care of her younger sister Robyn?  Keep reading to find out!

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