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Sims 4: First arrest

So our sim finally got to go out on the town looking for the suspect to arrest.  We ran into a few interesting sims while we were out and about on the town.  I’m mean really, we saw some massive noses!

01-26-18_12-16-15 PM

Also found some clueless sims who had no idea what we were asking let alone what town we were in.

01-26-18_12-19-22 PM

When we finally got the right location in our search for our criminal, the witness was quite eager and please to point them out.

01-26-18_12-23-48 PM

Later in the evening we were able to relax and work on creating puppies!  Bruno and Sqeet have finally mated.  Are we going to have puppies?  Guess we’ll find out in another blog 🙂

01-26-18_12-50-10 PM

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