Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 4

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 4 – Robyn’s All Grown Up!

So the day finally came for Robyn’s sweet 16 pictures.  She’s not really looking forward to it.  She’s not really into having her picture taken.  She’s not like Fiona.  Fiona is very self centered.  She loves having her photo taken and doing what ever she can to get others to look at her.  She even started this vlog and went into some social media job.  Robyn isn’t really sure what it all entails but it allows Fiona to be in the public eye all of the time.  Its about the only thing she’s good at.

Robyn doesn’t really think Fiona really cares to do this.  She believe Fiona feels obligated to do so because it’s what Zayne wanted.  If it wasn’t for that she probably wouldn’t ever see Fiona again.  In fact, she’s planning on helping her out with that.  As soon as she can she is leaving.  She doesn’t want any part of Fiona’s world.  She just wants to live her life as far away as she can.  She just has to get through school first.

After school was the appointment for the pictures.  They decided to travel to Oasis Springs.  Fiona thought those would make great photos.  Robyn didn’t really care.  She was just as happy staying home and having them taken but instead they have to travel 2 hours away to get to the desert to have these taken.  She hates the desert.  Its way to hot, why would anyone want to come out this way.

Fiona and Robyn make their way to the community park.  It was nice.  It had lots of shade, a pond, mountains in the background.  “This will do nicely” Fiona said.  She knows Robyn could care else but if she’s going to take time away from her day, away from her vlogs then they needed to go somewhere that would make it worth it.  She’s always wanted to travel out here and now she finally did.

Photos took about 2 hours to complete.  Robyn was bored most of the time and was really irritated with how Fiona had to tell her how to pose.  What was wrong with just sitting at the bench?  Why did she have to go here and there! She was just glad to get them over with and start heading home.

Here are Robyn’s Photos:

Let me know below your favorite picture?  Mine’s the one with the rose.

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