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New Twitch Account ~ Live Streaming

Now that I finally got a different microphone and it sounds great I have decided to start doing live streams.  If your interested in following me here’s the link: My Twitch

I first started off using OBS for my streaming and tried it out on You Tube.  No matter what I did, the settings I chose it never seemed to go very well.  It buffered all the time and wasn’t very clear looking.  I then started experimenting with XSplit Gamecaster.  The quality seemed to be a little bit better but still buffered really bad regardless of the settings I had made.  I wasn’t really wanting to sign in to another page but thought I would give Twitch a try.  A lot of others use it so thought I’d see what it all was.

So I signed up for a Twitch account today.  I messed around with it for a little while trying it out with OBS again.  I’m not really a fan of OBS but figured I’d give it another shot.  The quality was horrible and I couldn’t get it to sign in to a good server.  Even if I chose servers manually.  It would tell me they were excellent and then quickly go to poor or no longer connected.

After fighting with the settings on that for I am not sure how long I went back to XSplit Gamecaster and tried that one.  It set up the settings automatically for me and as long as I was in game and not bouncing around to other websites or my desktop items it was always streaming.  From what I could see it didn’t buffer.  I could be wrong on that because It’s very hard to set up the game and the twitch so I can keep an eye on it.  Looked like it was doing great.  From the testing the quality wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t as horrible as it was on You Tube.

So now that I have it for the most part figured out, still unsure on a few things.  Not sure if my mic was working or if maybe I needed to turn it up louder.  No one that stopped in said whether or not they could hear me so I have no idea for sure on that.

I plan on Live Streaming a lot.  I find it so much fun to be with you in live time.  I plan on building sims 3 and sims 4 houses, doing let’s plays and even playing other games just for fun!

So come on out to my Twitch to follow so you can be notified of my live streams and we can all get together and have a great time!

Hope to see you there!


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