Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 4

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 4 ~ How Irresponsible!

Didn’t take long before Fiona found herself calling Derrick all of the time, sending flirty messages on her phone, asking him out to dinner at the diner.  He was amazing.  He had a great job as a police officer, he was handsome, always smelled good and dressed his best.  She never thought she would find someone comparable to her.  She’s still not ready to setting down.  She wants to continue her vlogs, get as many followers as possible and become as famous as possible.  She can’t do that if she’s tied down as a wife.  Being a wife just isn’t in her future, not now and probably not ever.

Something about Derrick though, she just can’t seem to get enough.  Lately she’s been spending a lot of time with him.  She’s been going on several dates now.  Each time he calls she practically drops her phone trying to get it answered before it goes to voice mail.  This past week she’s been inviting him over to her apartment.  Doesn’t take long before the short talk turns into kissing and intimacy.  He’s stayed over a few times now.  He usually leaves before she does in the morning before work.

This morning, however, she just didn’t feel right.  She felt like she was coming down with the flu.  She’s not much for going to the doctor.  Seems like everything bad happens at a hospital.  Her aunt lost her baby when she went to the hospital, her uncle Brenton died at the hospital.  Nothing good ever seems to come out of going there so she’s a little scared to go to one.  Maybe she won’t come back either!

By that afternoon she was feeling much better.   It’s probably just a bug, she thought.  Maybe she should slow down for a few days and let her body rest.  Seems like she’s done a lot of running around here lately for her vlogs and with Derrick.  Probably should take some time to myself. 

After a few days she wasn’t getting any better.  Now she’s starting to throw up.  That morning while she was hovering over the toilet she realized, “OH NO!  This can’t be!  I can’t be!  This isn’t possible!”  It occurred to her that she’s a week late. “Oh no no no.”  What am I going to do?  I can’t take care of a baby.  I don’t have time for a baby.  I need to do my vlogs and hair and nails, I can’t spend time looking after a baby!

What is Fiona going to do?  Is she going to be responsible enough to take care of another sim?  Keep reading to find out!

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