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Sims 4: Shrinking objects isn’t always best

My sims had gotten a new house because they were expecting  a baby and the one they were in just wasn’t be enough for more.  My sims always had 3 dogs and a cat and the new house didn’t have anything for them.  So I went and started adding furniture for them but have you ever noticed how large some of it is?  The cat towers are huge, take up way to much room.  So like usual, I shrunk it down.  I really didn’t know if the cat was going to be able to use it or not.  As it turns out, the cat can use it.  Like most objects when you change their size to larger or smaller, they aren’t always used quite right.  A candle for instance the flame will not change position so shrinking or enlarging isn’t always best.  In this case, the cat can still use the tower but the result is a MAGICAL KITTY!

She can FLY!

03-20-18_12-30-32 PM

So now we know even if we can shrink it down, it still works but it gives super powers to those who use it!

Hope you enjoyed and leave your comments below


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