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Sims 4: Mint Chocolate Download


This home was a build that I created for my Sims 4 LP Pet’s Series on Youtube So this home when you download it, my have a pile of poo on the ground and trash by the knocked over trash can. 😛

This home offers an eat in kitchen, deck, porch, nursery, teen/guest bedroom and child’s room.

Packs Used:

Get to Work Get Together City Living Cats and Dogs

Perfect Patio Stuff Spa Day Movie Hangout Stuff Dine Out Kids Room Stuff Backyard Stuff Bowling Night Stuff Parenthood Fitness Stuff Toddler Stuff Laundry Day

MOO cheat was used

All my lots are tested, however, if you find something that I may have missed.  Please let me know.

If you do not have one or more of the packs that is fine, the game will just replace what you don’t have with something that you do have.

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