Sims 3: Build Downloads

Sims 3: Redwood Victorian ~ Base Game – Download

I was requested to create a family home that was only base game and this is the outcome

This home is a large family Victorian that includes formal entrance, formal living room, family room, master bedroom with on suite bath, eat in kitchen, nursery, spare bedroom/teen room, kids room, attic.

The attic is not accessible, however, a ladder can be added to the landing that will give your sims access to the attic. The attic is not furnished.

Want to see how this lot is created?–>VIDEO

This lot is base game only! Which means no packs were used and no store content was used.

I did, however, use a couple mods to move some of the cabinets, mirrors, and curtains around just a touch. From my testing, these mods are NOT needed and the items will still be in their place with out the mods.
Mods used:
Shiftable Curtains
Shiftable Cabinets
Shiftable Mirrors

All my lots are tested, if you find something I may have missed please let me know.

Alverdine and HugeLunatic for the mods listed above!

Thank you for all of your support!


Current Download Links:

The Exchange

Mod the Sims



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