Sims 4: Let's Play! Gen 1

Sims 4: Let’s Play! Gen 1 ~ New Job

Emma really didn’t like the job she had.  It just wasn’t for her.  To much work she had to do when she got home.  She was starting to feel as if she really didn’t have much of a life outside of work and didn’t feel as if she got paid well enough to do all that outside work.  On her way home, she stopped at the gas station and picked up a help wanted ad.  She skimmed through a few of the ads and saw something that caught her eye.



“Medical Internship available.  Friday – Tuesday 7a.m. till 3p.m.  Overtime available.  Classes available to expand your career into the Doctor field.  Needing dedicated workers willing to help assist patients, make the beds and clean if needed. Apply at hospital.”

“That just might be the job I’m looking for!” Emma heard her say out loud.  “I’m going to hurry up and apply.  That job has ways to grow with the company.  I could be a doctor some day!”

Emma rushed to the hospital as quick as she could to apply.  She did not realize applying meant she was going to have to stay and fill out class information and a small interview.  The class form says it will deduct class payments from her check automatically and she has to keep her grades up in order to progress into the next stages of the interneship.

Sounds like a lot of work but Emma believes she can handle it.  This will give her a better start and turn into a life long career.

After 2 hours of going through the interview along with some training with 4 other applicants she was finally on her way home.

Once she was home she quickly called Don.  She had to tell him the big news.  Before she could get a word in about it he was already asking her out to the bar for the evening.

She got there before he did.  As soon as he saw her he saw she was dressed in a different work outfit.  She completely forgot to change clothes when she got home and was still in her internship scrubs.

“What are you wearing?” he asked with an uncertain look on his face.

“This is what I was trying to tell you on the phone.  I got a new job! I work at the hospital now and starting a medical internship!”

Don was super excited for her he grabbed her hands and gave them a kiss.

Let's Play part 5 New Job

Emma had a huge smile on her face.  She was so glad he was happy for her.  That meant a lot to her.  The rest of the evening went really good.  They sat at the bar and had a few drinks and chatted.  He was such a nice guy.  She was starting to see herself being able to spend a long time with him.  She just wasn’t sure if he was “the one” she was looking for.

Will Emma be able to keep up during the medical internship?  What will happen with her and Don’s relationship?  Keep reading to find out!

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