Sims 4: Build Downloads

Sims 4: Cozy Family Home ~ Download


This home also uses the items from the Holiday Pack <–Free This home offers a large porch, eat in kitchen, toddler & child’s room. Perfect place for your sims to watch your children grow! Want to see how this lot was created?–>VIDEO

Packs Used:

Get to Work Get Together City LivingOutdoor Retreat Spa Day Cool Kitchen Movie Hangout Stuff Dine Out Romantic Garden StuffKids Room Stuff Backyard Stuff Vintage Glamour LifeVampires


This home uses a lot of items from the parenthood pack.

If you do not have one or more of the packs listed that is okay, the lot will still work. The items used will either be missing or replaced.

All lots are tested, however, if you find something I may have missed. Please let me know

Thank you for all of your support!


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