Sims 4: Let's Play! Gen 1

Sims 4: Let’s Play! Gen 1 ~ The Break Up

It has come time to where Emma needs to be making a choice.  She needs to decide who it is she plans on dating.  She currently has two guys that she’s been seeing, Don Lathorio and Watson Hayward.  She likes them both.  They are both really nice and she has a lot in common with both of them.  In the end, there can only be one choice.

After a few days of deciding, she has come to the conclusion on who it is she’s going to have to break up with.  She’s decided that someone is going to be Don.  The main reason and about the only reason why she’s decided on leaving him is because it has now been 2 months since they have met and he still lives with his wife.  She doesn’t believe he has any intentions on actually leaving her.  She’s starting to feel like Don just wants her as his mistress and not for anything more.  She’s planning on spending one more evening with him this week and then she’s going to break it off.

Emma calls Don up and asks him if he would like to go out on Thursday night.  Since he can’t go out on the weekend she’s going to have to do this on one of the nights she doesn’t have class.  Her classes are Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights so it doesn’t leave very much time during the week for her to do this and since its already Tuesday her next chance is going to have to be on Thursday.

This is going to be tough.  She doesn’t want to hurt his feelings but it has to be done.

Thursday night came really quick.  She got home from work around 4.  She had to stay a little later than usual at work today because a family of 5 came in with the flu and they made a huge mess starting in the lobby, down the hall and into their exam rooms.  That’s the worst job she has to do, cleaning up vomit.  I can’t wait to get a promotion, but have to get this first set of classes done first and pass before I can move up to the next career level.

She hurried up and made something for supper and hurried up and ate before Don was expected to be there.  He was supposed to be here around 6, it is now 6:30.  That was the other thing that kind of irritated her about him.  He was hardly ever on time.  7 rolls around and she’s starting to feel a little tired.  She’s had a rough day and wasn’t wanting to stay up late.

Was about 7:30 and she was about to get ready for bed when she heard a knock at the door.  “That better be him.” she mumbled as she walked to answer the door.

Don walks in and starts talking as if he wasn’t even late.  She just turns and heads into her room, a little angry that he got here so late.  He follows not realizing that something was wrong.  He never seems to pay any attention to how she feels so its not surprising for him not to know she’s angry.

That’s when she turns to him and starts to break up with him.

“Don, I think its best that we no longer see each other.  Its been 2 months and your still with your wife.  You haven’t moved out and you don’t seem to be having any intentions on doing so.”

Don took the news hard.  He wasn’t expecting this.  He felt everything was going so well between the two of them.

Let's Play Part 8 The Breakup (3)

He thought maybe she would change her mind if he gave her a rose.  He tried to apologize by talking sweet and handing her the rose but she just turned him down.  She wasn’t interested in trying to make this work.

She hated the hurt in his eyes.  She just looked down.  There was a long uncomfortable silence in the room.  All he said was, “I’ll let myself out.”  then walked out of the room and left.

Emma just stood there for a few thinking about what just happened.  This is for the best.  Now I can move on with my future and hopefully my future includes Watson.

Did Emma make the right decision? Continue reading to find out!

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