Sims 4: I'm a Lover Challenge Gen 4

Sims 4: I’m a Lover Challenge Gen 4 ~ Complications

Fiona’s pregnancy has went very smoothly.  No problems with her or the baby’s health.  She’s now in the final weeks of her pregnancy and still feeling great.  She’s getting really excited to see her new little baby and has about 3 weeks to wait.  That seems like such a long time!  I’m ready to meet my baby now!

Fiona’s work has told her she can take some time off for her maternity leave but she doesn’t really want to.  She loves her job, and the money of course, and wants to keep writing her blogs and articles so she’s decided not to take any time off.  The other problem with where she works is if she were to take any time off, it would be unpaid.  Her job allows time off but none of it is paid so you have to be careful when you use your sick time or vacation time and you don’t accumulate it very quickly.

A few days later Fiona had a doctors appointment to check on the baby.  She felt great and went to her appointment like any other appointment.  After the nurse took her blood pressure she left to get the doctor.  The doctor came in and listened for the baby’s heartbeat. A concerned look came over the doctor’s face.

“What’s wrong?” Fiona knew immediately that something wasn’t right based on her doctors looks.  She knows how to read people and she was reading the doctors face.

“The heartbeat is faint.  Its not strong.  When was the last time you felt the baby move?  Have you been counting your baby’s movements each day like your supposed to?”

Fiona realized at that moment that she has been so busy keeping up appearances for her followers and posting her pictures online and blogging about her pregnancy and her plans for new furniture that she forgot all about counting her baby’s movements.

Immediately the doctor saw it in Fiona’s face that she hadn’t been counting and that she must of not noticed the baby hasn’t been moving.  She quickly left the room.  In a matter of seconds there were nurses running in with a wheel chair.  Fiona started to freak out!  She demanded answers!  The nurses were taking her down for an emergency ultrasound to check the baby.   One of the nurses went to a phone and called Derick and ran back to tell Fiona that he was on his way.

Derick just got there in time to hear the news on the ultrasound.  The baby wasn’t moving, the heartbeat was faint and the baby was weak.  Fiona was already in her room getting prepped for an emergency c-section.  The nurses quickly took Derick in and got him cleaned up and in a gown and mask and lead him into the operating room to be with Fiona.

The doctor assured them that this is a routine procedure and the baby will be born in less than 3 minutes.

The doctor was right, Fiona and Derick had a baby girl in less than 3 minutes!  Fiona smiled when she saw her little girl but looked up at Derick.  He immediately saw Fiona go white and fell unconscious!  “Somethings wrong!  QUICK!  Hurry get over here!”  He looked at the tubes next to her and they were filling up with blood.  Oh no!  She’s bleeding out!  She’s gonna DIE!

Is Fiona going to be okay?  Will the doctor be able to stop the bleeding and save Fiona’s life?  Keep reading to find out.

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