Sims 4: Let's Play! Gen 1

Sims 4: Let’s Play! Gen 1 ~ Promotion!

The days are going by really fast for Emma.  Her and Watson have really gotten close and have taken their relationship to the next step.  They are now officially a couple and have gone on several dates.  He’s also been helping her out a lot at work and helping with her classes on the nights she doesn’t have class.  She really doesn’t want to get behind and wants to get these completed as soon as she can.  As soon as she gets her last test scores e-mailed to her she can get them turned into the hospital for a review and hopefully be moved up to the next class and job position.

That morning at work started off slow.  They didn’t have a lot of patients so there wasn’t much cleaning and setting up the rooms as usual.  Since she was all caught up on her work she went ahead and took a 15 min break and thought she would check her e-mails.  She’s been waiting for 2 days now for her results.  After she got to the break room and sat she looked at her e-mail.  Still nothing, wonder what’s taking them so long. 

Her break was over and she was throwing out her coffee cup and gathering her things when her phone vibrated.  She quickly grabbed it and looked.  “My test results are in!” She was practically jumping up and down when she saw that notification at the top of her phone.  She opened it up and saw how she did.  “A 92%!  I passed!” She shrieked.  She walked quickly to the offices to one of the computers and got on her e-mail and got it printed.  Took her results to her supervisor and handed it to her with a grin.  She was so excited.  If it wasn’t for Watson though, I probably wouldn’t of done so good.  The rest of the day felt like she was floating on the clouds with joy.  The day went quite quickly.

As she was at her locker gathering her things to head out for the day her supervisor came in.  “Emma,  I wanted to personally tell you that you have been doing a wonderful job here at the hospital.  Your always pleasant, you stay busy with out having to be told and you’re always making the patients feel better while they are waiting to be treated.  Also your work at class has been excellent and wanted to let you know that we are signing your certificate of completion for your first course along with promoting you to the next level of the program.”

Let's Play Part 6 Promotion!

Emma wasn’t sure what to say.  She wasn’t expecting this so soon after getting her test results.  She told her supervisor thank you and shook her hand as she received her certificate.  She walked the rest of the way out of the hospital with a big grin on her face.

As soon as she got home she got cleaned up and called Watson.  She wanted to announce her promotion and maybe have a nice supper together in celebration.  She decided she wanted to make chicken Parmesan with spaghetti for supper.

Watson was on time as usual and the meal turned out pretty good considering she doesn’t have much practice with cooking.  That evening was nice and quite intimate.  Watson ended up staying the night but had to get up early for work the next day.  Emma had the next couple of days off till she started her new position on Monday at the hospital.

What is in store for Emma at the hospital in her new position?  How much more difficult is her classes going to get?  Keep reading to find out!

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