Sims 4: Let's Play! Gen 1

Sim 4: Let’s Play! Gen 1 ~ Big News

Emma was so nervous.  Today is the day she is going to announce to Watson that she is pregnant.  She’s been avoiding him and she’s starting think he has noticed.  He’s tried calling her and she ends the call quickly, he has stopped by once and she pretended not to be home.  She feels horrible about it but so scared to see him.  He had the last few days off and will be at work today.  Today’s the day!  I have to tell him.

She got to work that morning but didn’t see him in his office as she walked by to clock in.  She was a little relieved that he wasn’t there.  Maybe he’s not here today?  She started her cleaning routine by collected the bedding and replacing the sheets with new.  She was starting to zone out a little and didn’t realize that when she walked into a room that it was occupied and wasn’t ready to be cleaned.  She looked up to see Watson standing there.  He didn’t say anything to her.  They just stared at each other.  Okay, its either now or never! She walked over to Watson who was standing by the patients bed.  “Emma, I’m busy tending to this patient.  Can’t this wait?”

“No, this can’t.  I’ve been holding this in few weeks now and ignoring you and I feel horrible.  I have to get this off of my shoulders now and if I don’t do it now I may not ever.”

Watson’s face changed, he was a little nervous looking.  Looked like he thought he was going to get the worst news of his life. “Okay, I’m listening.”

Oh dear!  He looks upset and I haven’t even said what is going on, he’s going to break up with me!  Emma’s voice cracked as she started to talk and had to clear her throat and start again.  “I’m, ah, I’m pregnant.”

There was a small pause.  Watson’s face changed from a concerned look to almost joyous.  He wasn’t mad!  In fact he was happy.  “I thought I had done something wrong and that you were coming in here to break up with me.  A baby!  Really!  That’s great!”

Let's Play Part 9 Eating for TWO!

Watson was so excited that he quickly hugged Emma and told her he wanted to take her out tonight in celebration.

The rest of the day Emma felt like she was walking in the clouds.  She felt happy, relieved and couldn’t wait to see what the future had in store for her.

That evening, Watson took her out to a bonfire.  They talked about the baby, held hands and he assured her that this was a good thing and that he wasn’t going to leave her because of the baby and that he loves children.

Let's Play Part 9 Eating for TWO! (2)

Where is Emma and Watson’s relationship headed?  What will having a baby this early in Emma’s career mean for her?  Keep reading to find out.

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