Sims 4: Let's Play! Gen 1

Sims 4: Let’s Play! Gen 1 ~ Eating for TWO!

Its been a couple of weeks now and work has been going good for Emma.  She’s still learning her new responsibilities at her new position and her coworkers are all really nice and helpful.

During Emma’s shift she wasn’t feeling very well.  She woke up nauseous and wasn’t sure if she was going to keep her breakfast down.  She really couldn’t miss work because it’s required for her classes just like class is required for her to keep her job.  She decided to do her best not to show that she isn’t well and go into work.  After all, its not like she cares for the patients.  She makes beds, mops the floors, and basically just does what she is told by the nurses and doctors.

Half way through her shift, Emma’s stomach really started to turn.  She dropped her mop and took off towards the nearest restroom.  One of the nurses noticed what was going on and went after her.  She knocked on the bathroom stall and asked, “Emma!  Emma, you alright?”

Emma opens the door and doesn’t look well.  “I’m not sure.  I feel fine and then all of a sudden I don’t.”

Her coworker says, “You and Watson have been spending a lot of time together and you seem to be really close.  I assume things have gotten pretty romantic with you two.  Do you think maybe your pregnant?”

Emma looked shocked.  She never gave that a thought.  It has been a few weeks since their romantic dinner for her promotion and then she realized that she was a week late!

“Oh MY!” Emma gasped.  She gave the nurse a hug and went down to the hospital pharmacy and bought a pregnancy test.  She was scared.  What if this comes back positive? What is Watson going to say?

She took the test to the restroom and did what the instructions said.  After waiting a few minutes she looked at the test.  “POSITIVE”  Emma just stared at it.  She’s not sure how much time has passed but she heard a knock at the door.  “I really need to go!”  a small voice said on the other side.  She had locked the door so no one could come in not thinking that someone may need to use the restroom.  She quickly grabbed her items and opened the door and walked out.

How am I going to tell my boss?  or Watson? We haven’t been together that long and I really don’t know if children are in his plans.

How will Watson react?  Will this be the end of Emma and Watson’s relationship?  Continue reading to find out.

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