Sims 4: Let's Play! Gen 1

Sims 4: Let’s Play! Gen 1 ~ The Proposal

Forest was about 4 months old now and Emma’s relationship with Watson hasn’t gone any farther.  She’s starting to wonder if Watson even wants to take the next step.  Maybe he’s scared or maybe he hasn’t really thought about it. 

He keeps talking about moving in together but she keeps coming up with excuses to keep pushing it back.

That day Emma had off of work so she wasn’t going to see Watson at the hospital.  They find as much time as they can at work to see each other.  They sneak in kisses in the laboratory room, in the break room and even in an exam room when there are no patients.  Going a day with out seeing him is very hard for her.  She thinks about him all of the time.

Later that day Emma got a call from Watson.  “I think we need to talk.  Can I come by today after work?”

Oh no! Something’s wrong I can just feel it.  Maybe me pushing the topic of moving in together is starting to upset Watson.

Watson was walking up the porch steps when Emma quickly went outside.  Watson had a questionable look on his face.  She wasn’t sure what he had on his mind.

“Is there something wrong Emma?”

This caught Emma off guard.  She really didn’t think anything was wrong.  “No, why?”

“Now Emma, don’t play this.  There’s got to be a reason why every time I bring up moving in together you are always changing the subject or you get distracted with something else and walk away.”

“Moving in?  No there isn’t anything wrong.  I mean, not exactly anyway.  I, ah, would prefer….”  It’s either now or never! 

As Emma was talking she started to trail off but quickly looked up at Watson and got down on her knee.

Let's Play Part 10 Proposal (2)

She was proposing!  Emma has no idea what she was thinking.  All that was going through her mind was if she didn’t find out if Watson would go to the next step or not her relationship could be over.   If he tells her no, the relationship is already over.  Her heart was racing so fast she could feel it pounding in her chest.

What will Watson say?  Is Emma and Watson’s relationship over?  Continue reading to find out!

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